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Language is a system of commonly accepted symbols or codes which is used as a means of communication among people. With several languages being spoken and written across the world, language has come to be a common factor binding people. Language is an important means of communication and thus, the need to learn or atleast be aware of the local language before you visit a new place. Any language would have a structured format on which the principles of communications are based. With the relationship between words, symbols or sentences clearly laid down by the grammar, language is a very organized method of communication that brings people together. Language need not have sounds, the sign language used by the hearing impaired is a means of communications that uses the hands to display different symbols that stand for various words and meanings. For those interested in pursuing studies in a language there are several institutions both public and private that offer formal education and training.

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  • Learn Chinese Online : eChineseLearning is the largest online Chinese school and provides one-on-one live online Chinese lessons using free video instant messaging software such as Skype. Learn Chinese online with best teachers from China! Currently, we have served thousands of students from over 50 countries in the world from age 3 to 80.

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  • Learn Spanish in Mexico : Assists in learning Spanish in Mexico in the UNESCO world heritage city of Queretaro, Mexico the safest city in Mexico.

  • Spanish Translation - Transpanish : Offers Spanish translation services at convenient prices.

  • Learn Spanish - Executive Spanish Immersion : A directory of quality resources about Spanish immersion & learning.

  • Learn Italian for free - LearnItaliano.Net : Offers full and completely free web course to learn Italian language and to know more about Italy.

  • Bridge to Russian : Located at Denver, Colorado, assists in learning Russia language online.

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