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Japanese finds it origin in Japan and is a language that has gained heavily from the other languages of the world like English and Chinese. The Japanese script draws from the Chinese language and Latin. Japanese was earlier spoken in many of the colonies of Japan when Japan invaded and took over many places and the people were forced to learn the language. However, now its mostly in Japan that the language is spoken. With Japan emerging as a big power in the world, Japanese has come to be a language that is one among the learned languages in many countries. Japanese is the official language of Japan. There are however, several variations or dialects that are spoken across Japan. Japanese language has a very polite form to it. With formality, etiquette and politeness being an essential part of the Japanese society, the language has a politeness to it. Generally the way of speaking between strangers is very polite. Those belonging to the lower sections of the society speak to those belonging to the upper sections in a very polite manner. The hierarchy in society is very evident in the Japanese language.

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  • KCP International : A non-profit japanese language school offering intensive japanese language and culture courses for university and post-graduate students from around the world.

  • Japanese Online : Online resource to learn japanese language. Assists japanese learners to find and communicate to one another and seek language exchange relationships with japanese speakers.

  • Ames Library : Provides comprehensive information on japanese language. Includes books, audio & video recordings, articles, culture, literature and more.

  • Csus.edu - Kaue Masuyama : Provides information on japanese language helpful for japanese language teachers.

  • Japanese Language : Provides resource on japanese language including grammar, phrases, literature, words, schools and more.

  • Many Things : Provides resource on japanese language study materials which assists in learining japanese language online.

  • Bubl : Provides information on japanese language related websites.

  • Vancouver Japanese Language scool : A linguistic and cultural education centre dedicated to learning and promotion of the japanese language, culture and arts.

  • Japanese Language : Offering short term and advance courses in Japanese language. Students are encouraged to develop skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing the Japanese language.

  • Yamasa.org : Non-profit Japanese language institute supported by the Hattori Foundation, provides innovative and professional learning community for Japan studies and Japanese language studies.

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