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A West Germanic language, Dutch is widely spoken in Belgium, Netherlands and Suriname. Being the parent language of many languages like the Afrikaans, Dutch has a lot of similarity with languages like Afrikaans. It enjoys the status of being the official language in countries like Netherlands, Belgium and Suriname. There is a lot of importance on the way of speaking in the Dutch language. There are quite a few words in Dutch which has a different meaning depending on where you lay stress. The pronunciation of the word makes all the difference, and thus, although it requires simple to read Dutch needs some level of expertise to convey the right meaning. The Dutch language writing uses the Latin Alphabet. Dutch has come to be a language that has found wide appeal and is spoken by a large population.

Site Listings
  • Dutch Language School : Offers a wide range of part-time and distance learning courses in dutch language.

  • Say in Dutch : Offers a range of world wide dutch conversation courses. Includes books, downloads and CD-ROMS.

  • Dutch Language : Provides resource on dutch language including grammer, literature, phrases, sign language, language schools, translation and more.

  • Dutch Grammar : Provides resource on Dutch grammar including spelling and pronunciation, verbs, pronouns, nouns and articles, word order, and more. Also includes sound files, exercises, and discussion forum.

  • Dutch Studies Web : Designed to provide access to scholarly resources in Dutch and Belgian studies.

  • Dutch 101 : Provides information about dutch language including dutch to english translations and much more.

  • Learn Dutch : Resource for distance learners who like to learn online Dutch language, course is offered to learners in 125 countries.

  • Speak Dutch : Language course for foreigners and travellers who want to learn Dutch in a easy way.

  • Learn Dutch : Online language courses, grammar description, interpretation and a short text in every lesson for foreigners who want to learn Dutch.

  • Learn Dutch in Thailand - ThaiDutch4U : Provides Dutch lessons (Nederlandse Les) in Pakchong, Thailand (180 km from Bangkok). Includes lessons in the Dutch language and about the Dutch culture.

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