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Spanish is a Romance language like French. The language finds its origin in Northern Spain and soon moved on to assume great significance and be used in the day to day affairs. The language then came to be the official language used for Government purposes and carrying out trade activities. Spanish enjoys the distinction of being the second most spoken language in the world only next to Chinese. With Spanish being widely used in a number of countries, the language holds a very important place in world languages and more and more people are showing interest in learning the language. Spanish is an official language for many agencies like the United Nations and the European Union to name a few. There are several dialects of Spanish spoken all across Spain, however, all the dialects use the same script for the written word. Spanish is written using the Latin alphabet.

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  • Cervantes International : A Spanish language school located on the beach of Malaga, Spain. Offers quality Spanish courses, accommodation & activities.

  • Frida Spanish School : Mexico based Spanish school offering Spanish courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels with qualified teachers.

  • Uni Spain : Assists students and professionals in finding the right Spanish language program and accommodation in Spain.

  • SpanishDict : Offers English to Spanish dictionary and Spanish to English dictionary. Includes online Spanish to English translator.

  • Learn Spanish in Mexico - Sancristobal Language School : Learn Spanish in Mexico at one of the top Spanish schools in the pueblo magico of San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas.

  • Peru Language Center : Offers spanish language courses such as spanish inmersion, intensive spanish, business program, medical internship.

  • : Provides comprehensive information on Spanish language.

  • Spanish Language Guide : Provides resource on Spanish language including vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, history, culture and more.

  • Vida Verde Spanish School : Teaches one-on-one classes in Quito, Ecuador, South America or online with Skype. Also offers study programs on the Pacific Coast and in the Ecuadorian rain forest.

  • Web Spanish : Offers online Spanish lessons assisting in learning the Spanish language easy and accessible.

  • Learn Spanish in Oaxaca : Learn Spanish at Solexico Oaxaca, an ideal place to experience the beauty of Mexico and its people.

  • Wiracocha Spanish School : Based in Peru, South América offers different type of Spanish courses that suits the needs of learners.

  • Spanish Course : Offers Spanish learning courses. Materials include lessons, mp3s, videos, kids' lessons, forum, articles, ebooks, and more.

  • Learn Spanish : Offers new program for learning Spanish that contains over 100 lessons 2500 of the most frequently used vocabulary and phrases and an audio flash card system. Each item has two different speeds of audio playback.

  • Best Spanish Websites : Source to find Spanish language related websites.

  • Wikipedia - Spanish Language : Provides comprehesive information on spanish language. Includes history, dialects, geographical distribution, grammar, vocabulary, writing systems and more.

  • Spanish Romance : Spanish language school providing free spanish lessons and spanish language resources developed by spanish teachers assists in learning language online.

  • Spanish Abroad : Offers language immersion programs at Spanish language schools and universities worldwide.

  • Learn Spanish : Source to find information on spanish language. Offers different spanish language courses online.

  • Spanish Lessons in Bariloche : Offers tailor-made Spanish lessons to meet each student

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