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France is the place of origin of the French language and is also the place with the largest number of people speaking French. The language has a large number of people speaking it as a first language, second language or as a foreign language they have learnt. The language has people speaking it in about 54 countries of the world. The official language in about 29 countries, French has a wide influence and reach. With French being the official language in a large number of agencies like the United Nations, it is one that has spread to many parts of the world. The beauty of the language is one that appeals to people and the language has thus, won many hearts in foreign countries, getting people to learn it as a foreign language. French uses the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet in its written script. With pronunciations of words being very important, French is one that requires careful attention to while speaking.

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  • Learn French : Learn French guide, all about how to learn french and how to speak french.

  • Best French Websites : Online resource to find the French language related websites including grammar, verbs, games, quizzes, news, worksheets, songs, lessons and more.

  • French Language Dictionary : Online french to english and english to french dictionary. Includes information on french grammar, translation and basic french phrases.

  • French News & Magazines : Provides resource on french language news and magazines.

  • Yale University Library : Provides resource on french language and literature which helps in research of french language.

  • World Speaks French : Provides resource on french language with benefits and usefulness of learning language.

  • Digital Dialects : Provides resource on french language which assists in learning french language. Includes free fun online games suitable for learners at different stages and levels.

  • French Assistant : Helps in learning french online. Includes french language lessons and unique question generator.

  • : French language school located in france, offers various courses for adults, teens & kids including work exchange programs.

  • Azur Lingua : Offers various french language courses for adults, teenagers and teachers of French as second language.

  • CCSF Language Center : Provides comprehensive information on french language websites.

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