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Swedish is a language that is spoken largely in Sweden and areas of Finland. It is a North Germanic language that is spoken by a large number of people. There are many versions or dialects that are spoken in different regions and differ from standard Swedish. Swedish occupies pride of place as the main language of the country Sweden. All official correspondence in the Government offices is carried out in Swedish. The educational institutions too primarily use this as the language of communication. The language comprises 9 vowels and 18 consonants. There are 29 alphabets in all in the Swedish language. The 16 alphabets are the same as the Latin alphabets and Swedish has additional 3 distinct alphabets of its own.

Site Listings
  • Transparent.com : Resource for learning Swedish vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation with online lessons.

  • Learn Swedish Language Software : Offering language resources for learning Swedish phrases, words, pronunciation and history of Sweden.

  • Study in Sweden : Comprehensive resource for information about learning Swedish in Sweden.

  • Swedish Lesson : Source for wide range of Swedish language course and lessons online.

  • Language Courses UK : Offering wide range of private Swedish language course across London.

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