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German is yet another West Germanic language like Dutch and English. Extensively spoken, German occupies pride of place in the world languages. It is the official language of Germany. It has the distinction of being the most spoken language in the European Union. When a list of languages learned around the world is analysed, German stands third in the list, after French and Spanish. German is seen to be a language that many a scholars prefer to learn. The language is spoken by the maximum number of people in German, Austria and Switzerland are places where the language has a wide reach. German too is written using the Latin alphabet. German is promoted heavily by certain institutions and thus, this has seen an increase in the number of people taking to German as a foreign language.

Site Listings
  • German Language Guide : Provides comprehensive resource on German language including history, grammer, vocabulary, articles, dictionary, language tools and more.

  • Learn German : Learn German guide, all about how to learn german and how to speak german.

  • Best German Sites : Provides resource on German language related websites including grammar, maps, newspapers, dictionaries, games, lessons and more.

  • Germany Language School : Offers German language courses for children and adults at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

  • Actilingua : Language school in Vienna, Austria offering german courses for all ages and levels.

  • Learn German Language Software : Offers language resources for learning German phrases, words, pronunciation and history of the language.

  • German Courses : German Language School located at Berlin, Germany specialized in teaching language to adults and childrens of all ages.

  • Language Experience : Offers tailor-made German courses designed for different learning styles. Includes German language programs for business people, students, and families.

  • German Language Center : Based in Bloomfield Hills L.L.C., Michigan, offers German courses for all age levels with native German teachers.

  • Prolog-Berlin : Offers German courses for different age groups. Includes students from diffent countries.

  • Wikipedia - German Language : Provides comprehesive information on German language. Includes history, dialects, geographical distribution, grammar, vocabulary, writing systems and more.

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