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Persian also known as Parsi or Farsi is an Iranian language. Belonging to the family of Indo-European languages, Persian is a language that has been widely used in the places like Afghanistan, Iran, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Persian has had great influence on languages like Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and also on languages of the neighboring places. It belongs to the Indo-Iranian branch of languages that come from the Indo-European languages. There are different dialects of the language that exist. There are actually three variations that exist of the standard Persian namely the Iranian Persian, Tajiki and Dari. Persian has drawn heavily from other languages and has evolved greatly over time.

Site Listings
  • Easy Persian : Offers online lessons for listening, speaking, reading, and writing Persian or Farsi as spoken in Iran. Includes resource on contemporary Iranian poets and the translation of their poems in English.

  • Universiry of Arizona : Aims to create, collect, and organize online sources for learning the Persian Language. Resource includes online lessons, dictionaries, books, and information about available CD ROMs.

  • Columbia University Libraries : Provides resource on colleges & universities that teach Persian language.

  • : Provides resource on Indo-Iranian languages dictionaries.

  • Washington Academy of Languages : Language school offering Persian language courses with different timing schedules.

  • School of Persian Language : Offers Persian language classes for children with 6-12 years old by experienced teachers.

  • Wikipedia - Persian Language : Online source to find resource on Persian language. Includes information on old, middle & new Persian.

  • Learn Persian : Free online source to learn Persian language. Includes 20 photo albums and 2000 photos from Iran.

  • Wikibooks - Persian : Collection of open-content textbooks assisting in learning the Persian language online.

  • Duke Trinity College : Offers Persian language programs online.

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