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Interpretation refers to the conversion of sentences or sign language into another language. The interpreters are trained and experienced professionals who undertake the task of interpretation. Interpretors convert what is told by a person into another language for the other to understand. Interpretors bridge the gap between two languages. Interpretation differs from translation in a way that interpretation is live and is in the conversational or speech form unlike translation which assumes the written form. With countries coming together on cultural and economic fronts, interpreters have it good as there is a growing need for bridging the gap between two languages and creating a strong tie. Interpretation has come to be field that offers good prospects for a candidate well-versed in the two languages. Interpretors may work as freelancers or be part of an agency or company which has a set of interpreters specialized in different languages working for them. Voice-overs refer to the recording of the voice of a person. The part may be recorded by the person playing the part or it could be recorded by some other person. Voice-overs are used extensively in film making with voices of humans being recorded previously and used for animated characters. It may also be a voice addition for narrating a part of the film or documentary. With technology making it possible to record in advance and place the voice over the person or character, voice-overs have come to make a great value addition in the creative fields of film and documentary making. It is extensively used in films, in the world of advertising and other forms of creative media

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  • US Interpretation : Based in United States, offers translation equipment rentals and sales and provides simultaneous interpretation, conference translation and consecutive interpreters in over 100 languages.

  • Mastering Voiceover : Offers a wide range of HD video & audio production services and casting for all media projects. Also provides voice over classes, voice over training and home study course.

  • California School of Interpretation : Specialized in training bilingual students to become federal and state court interpreters.

  • Intervoices : Provides media production, voice recording, subtitling, dubbing and directing services for documentaries, corporate presentations, commercials, on-hold messages, e-learning, and other foreign language services which assists in communicating around the world.

  • Professional Voice Talent : Offers voiceover services to ad agencies, recording studios, and production companies.

  • Interpreters & Translators : Provides comprehensive information on language interpreters and translators.

  • Professional Interpretation Services : Global provider of interpretation solutions. Professional legal, medical, conference and phone interpreting.

  • : Providing guidance for learning initiatives as well as creation and production of business communications in more than 60 foreign languages. Exclusively focusing on working with clients all over the world to meet the needs of business environment.

  • : Located in New York city, a center for voice talent from around the world, providing foreign-language services to clients of all industries.

  • : Provides wide range of professional and affordable translation, writing and voiceover services for business communication and promotion.

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