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Korean is a language that is believed to belong to the family of Altaic languages. The origin of the Korean language is a controversial matter till date and there are many different schools of thought that have varied theories to provide to establish its origin. The official language of Korea, Korean is extensively spoken by a large number of people. The language is spoken in both Northern and Southern Korea and is also seen in China, Japan and parts of United States as there are a number of people who have gone on to make these countries their home. As far as the writing is concerned, Korean initially followed the system called Hanja which was based on the Chinese Characters, however, later it was changed by Sejong the Great, Currently the Korean language uses a system called the Hangul. There are many dialects of the Korean language that are spoken by people living in different parts.

Site Listings
  • Korean Language : Assists in learning Korean language online. Resource includes dictionary, phrases, words, grammer, discussion forum and more.

  • Learn Korean Language : Online source to learn Korean language.

  • Princeton University : Offers programs to learn Korean language. Courses includes three levels elementary, intermediate and advanced.

  • Korean Consulting : Specialized in Korean language business translation and interpreting services.

  • Korean Language Books : Offers books assisting to learn Korean language.

  • Declan Software : Offers software for learning Korean language.

  • Beverly Hills Lingual Institute : Language school based in California, offers Korean language learning programs.

  • Han Books : Offers books and CDs related to Korean language.

  • Korean UCLA : Offers a wide range of Korean language courses helpful for both Korean heritage and non-heritage learners.

  • Korea Society : A non profit organization dedicated to promote greater awareness, understanding, and cooperation between the people of United States and Korea.

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