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Russian has the distinction of being the largest native language of Europe making its reach really wide. An Indo-European language, Russian has found wide appeal in other countries of the world as well. The Russian language cannot be entirely termed as a stress language however, at some points it becomes important or almost necessary to stress on a particular letter or word to convey the right meaning. Russian is predominantly spoken in countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus; it is also prevalent in the other countries which made up the earlier USSR. It is the official language of Kazakhstan and Belarus in addition to being the official language of Russia. There are a number of dialects of Russian spoken in many parts of Russia. Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet in a modified way as the written script. With Russia being a major power in the world, the language too has a lot of importance and enjoys pride of place among the languages of the world.

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  • Sussex Language Institute : Provides resource on Russian language related websites which assists in learning language.

  • Bucknell University : Offers Russian language courses and programs. Includes online study materials like grammar, dictionaries, translators and more.

  • Russian Language for Lovers : Offers free online Rusian language courses. Includes Russian language grammar, books, audio & video recordings, and more.

  • - Nimitz Library : Source to find Russian language books, dictionaries, articles, news, audio & video recordings and more.

  • Learn Russia : Offers free Russian lessons that assists in learning grammar, increase vocabulary, and develop speaking and reading skills.

  • Enjoy Russian in Russia : Offers intensive Russian language courses with qualified teachers for kids, youth and adults all year round.

  • Brown University : Includes resource on Russian language culture, literature, news, magazines, films, search engines and more.

  • Language Helpers : Provides comprehensive information on Russia and Russian language. Includes history, grammar, words, phrases and more.

  • Russian Lessons : Provides online Russian language lessons. Includes Russian audio, grammar, vocabulary, alphabet, verbs, pronunciation and exercises.

  • RusLang : Provides resource on Russian language and culture. Includes russian dictionary, library, books, music exercises, songs and more.

  • Practice Russian : Offers variety of Russian language learning games and learning materials that assists in studying russian language.

  • : Assists in learning Russian language online. Includes blog and online discussion forum.

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