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Urdu is a language that belongs to the family Indo-European languages. It is a Central Indo-Aryan language and is also one of the official languages of Pakistan in addition to English. It is a language that is a part of the scheduled languages of India. It draws inspiration from languages like Arabic, Turkish and Persian. It is used in Pakistan, parts of India and also Afghanistan. The Urdu literature in one that has beautiful works in the form of poetry and pros. Literature makes use of the language in the most beautiful manner and the creations are one that provide inspiration to a number of poets and writers. There are newspapers that are published in the language. Urdu is one that comprises of poetry with nazms and ghazals being extremely beautiful creations that use the language in a magnificent way. The other written works too are amazing and display an in depth understanding of human relationships.

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  • Home Quran : Exclusive Online tutoring and distance learning company, providing one to one Quran reading education plus basic Islamic teachings to individuals ranging from 4 to 70.

  • Urdu Stories Online : Source for wide collection of urdu stories and novels.

  • Urdu Word : Technology based educational resources for students and travelers since 2000.

  • Wel Books : Leading publisher, distributor, exporter and wholesaler of Urdu books online.

  • Listen & Learn : Teachers teaching urdu language at home or at work throughout UK and Ireland for all levels.

  • St Georges : One of the longest established centre in London, offering wide range of Urdu evening courses.

  • Learning Urdu : Dictionary with a wide collection of poetry, ghazal, shayaris, words with meanings for learning urdu.

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