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Language refers to a system for communicating and understanding information. There are several languages written and spoken in the world. These languages further have dialects meaning the regional variations of the language. Languages have since long been used as a system of communication. The languages and their script have evolved over time to incorporate the changes of the times. Languages like Chinese, Spanish and English are ones that are widely spoken around the globe. These are very popular languages having almost a mass appeal. There are however other less known languages that have served the important purpose of communication. Languages would also including the Braille script and sign language that have been used as a medium for communication. Languages have a laid down definite code and it is dictated by the requirements such as keeping to the grammar and other needs of the particular language. Each language would vary from the other in the way it is spoken, expressed and written.

Site Listings
  • Portuguese Language - Wikipedia : Provides comprehensive information on portuguese language. Includes history, geographic distribution, dialects, phonology, grammar, vocabulary and more.

  • Indonesian Language - Hawaii.edu : Provides brief information on Indonesian language. Language is mostly used in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

  • Omniglot : Provides information on Bengali language. Language is used in few states of India - Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Bangladesh and Bhutan.

  • Iran Chamber Society : Provides brief history of Persian language. Includes old, middle, classical and modern Persian language.

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