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Arabic, the Central Semitic language, enjoys the distinction of being spoken by the largest number of people from among the Semitic languages. Spoken mostly by people in North Africa and the Middle East the language has contributed greatly to the literary world. There are several variations of the language seen from the Classic form of the language. There are slight changes or variations from one place to the other. Taught in schools and other educational institutions, the language is also used as an official language in Government offices and other organizations. Arabic draws greatly from languages like Persian, Syriac and Hebrew and has made significant contributions to languages like Portuguese, Spanish and many Indian languages to name a few. The language dates back to the 7th century and has been one that has made a big impact in the world of writing. The modern standard Arabic used in recent times has its origin in the Classical Arabic language.

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  • 4U Arabic Language School : Offers variety of arabic language programs and online courses. Includes teachers of native speakers of arabic language.

  • Pacific Arabic : A private, secular and non-political language school helping people in learning standard and colloquial arabic language.

  • Breaking Arabic Code : Offers arabic language course book helpful to students gain proficiency in learning the arabic language.

  • Gulf Arabic : Provides basic lessons on daily usage of Gulf Arabic, including grammatical explanations and sound files to aid pronunciation.

  • Arabic Language : Offers arabic language books, software, laptops, dictionary, movies and more. Includes online shopping facility.

  • Arabic Teacher : Provides advanced custom UNICODE solutions for converting Arabic language study materials and text book to interactive multimedia applications.

  • : Provides resource on arabic language programs in United States.

  • Shariah Program : Specialized in teaching arabic language with classical teaching methodology emphasizing arabic grammar (nahw) and arabic morphology (sarf).

  • Arabic Poetry : Provides resource on arabic poetry and arabic language learning.

  • Egyptian Arabic : A learning and teaching resource library providing information on arabic teaching software, arabic language institutes and other information about how to effectively acquire Egyptian colloquial arabic. Helpful for students and learners, teachers, tourists, business, and organizations based in Egypt and the Middle East.

  • Arabic - : Provides information on arabic letters, alphabets, signs, grammer, articles and more.

  • - Arabic Language : Provides resource on Arabic language including proverbs, english words used in Arabic and helps in learning the language.

  • Fun With Arabic : Helps to learn arabic language online in a interactive way. Includes alphabets, grammar, short arabic phrases and basic arabic language vocabulary.

  • Arabic Complete : Helps in learning to speak and read Arabic language with color-coded text, up to 6,000 audio clips, videos, and podcasts.

  • Arabic2000 : Arabic language guide in cyberspace. Offers Arabic teaching software, Arabic lessons online, translation, advertising, web design and HTML in Arabic and English as well as Arabic web directories, help and search in English and Arabic.

  • Best Arabic Websites : Source to find Arabic language related websites.

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