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The official language of Poland, Polish belongs to the group of West Slavic languages. The language is spoken by a large number of people. Going by the number of people speaking the language, Polish holds second place, the first being Russian. More than 95% of people living in Poland have Polish as their mother tongue. Polish is not only spoken in Poland but also in many other parts of the world like Argentina, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, Lebanon to name a few. There are many different dialects that have developed over the years. The written word or the Polish alphabet draws from the Latin alphabet. Polish has borrowed words from other languages and has also in turn influenced many other languages.

Site Listings
  • Polishcourse.org : Based in Krakow, offers Polish language courses with accommodation facilities.

  • Poland.gov.pl : Provides brief history on Polish language.

  • Varia-course.com : Specialized in teaching Polish as a foreign language.

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