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Turkish belongs to the family of Turkic languages. In fact, the popularity of the language or going by how widely spoken it is, Turkish has come to enjoy pride of place amongst the Turkic languages and stands at the first position. Turkey and Cyprus houses the maximum number of people speaking the language, however, there are people in other parts of the world too. Turkish originated in Central Asia and the written records of Turkish go as far back as 1200 years. The language is the official language of Turkey and lists as being one of the many official languages of Cyprus as well. There are many dialects of the language that exist. Turkish draws words from languages such as French, Arabic and even Persian to name a few.

Site Listings
  • Turkish Class : Online resource for comprehensive range of turkish language lessons for all levels.

  • Turkish Language : Turkish course with explanations for english speakers. Containing few exercises and sound files for pronunciation examples.

  • Totally Turkish : Source for learning Turkish online with grammar, tenses, vocabulary, useful words, phrases and much more.

  • Online Turkish : Resource offering turkish CDs, phrase book, trial lessons, listening exercises, online dictionary and much more.

  • Turkish Language Center : Offering with the opportunity to improve Turkish language skills and knowledge.

  • Study Turkish : Language program offering Turkish courses from elemantary to advanced levels.

  • Turkish Studies : Non profit educational foundation in US exclusively dedicated to the support and development of Turkish Studies.

  • Turktrans.net : Offering quality Turkish translation and related language services at affordable cost including English to Turkish and Turkish to English translation.

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