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Italian is a Romance or Latin language that has its origin in Latin. The official language of Italy, this language is slowly finding appeal among the world languages. The primary language of the Vatican City, Italian is one among the official languages of Switzerland and is written using the Latin alphabet. Italian is also a stress language and where and how much stress to lay while speaking is of importance. Italian is gaining popularity among the learned languages in the world. With more exposure and the world getting closer due to technology language has come to assume greater importance. The dialects spoken however differ from one place to the other in Italy. There are slight differences in the way the language is spoken depending on the particular area or part of Italy. Italian is the closes to Latin when it comes to vocabulary.

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  • Learning Traveller : Offers specialized immersion programs and language learning holidays for Teens and mature travellers.

  • Best Italian Websites : Provides resource on Italian websites assisting students and teachers of italian. Includes grammar, videos, recipes, songs, lessons, games, culture, facts, dictionaries, language schools and more.

  • Italian Language Guide : Provides resource on Italian language including history, grammer, vocabulary, articles, dictionary, language tools and more.

  • Learn Italian : Learn Italian guide, all about how to learn italian and how to speak italian.

  • Universiry of Leeds : Provides resource on Italian language related websites that assists in learning the language.

  • Wikipedia - Italy Language : Provides comprehesive information on Italian language. Includes history, classification, geographical distribution, grammar, vocabulary, writing systems and more.

  • Italian Language Foundation : Dedicated to promoting and sustaining Italian language education in United States supporting the college board’s advanced placement program in Italian language and culture.

  • : Italian language school Florence Michelangelo school offering variety of Italian language cultural courses.

  • My Italian Language Schools : Web portal offering information about Italian language and culture schools for foreigners in Italy.

  • College of New Jersey : Provides comprehensive information on Italian Language assisting in learning the language. Includes books, articles, audio & video recordings, news, writing resources and more.

  • Babilonia : Offers variery Italian language courses suitable to different age levels.

  • Italiaidea : Italian Language school officially recognized by the ministry of education, offers italian and culture courses in Rome.

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