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Language translation refers to converting of what is said from one language to the other. The job is generally done by people who are experienced and fluent in both languages and are known as translators. The language from which the matter is translated is known as the source language and to which it is translated is called the target language. Translation services have been available in all countries across the world for years now. With the internet the translation services can be now accessed online. The translation services cater for translating matter from one local language to the other, from a local language to a foreign language or from a foreign language to a foreign language. Translation requires that the person has a good knowledge of both the languages as the words cannot be substituted one for one. The meaning of the sentence has to be taken into consideration and the words carefully chosen and put appropriately into the sentence so that it conveys the same meaning. As translation involves languages one cannot have only an objective view while translating matter, some amount of subjectivity is bound to be part of the exercise.

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