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Chinese, the official language of China belongs to the family Sino-Tibetan languages. Chinese is spoken by approximately one-fifth of the population of the world. Spoken Chinese has several variations across the many regions of China. Out of the thirteen regional variations (as per ISO 636-3, the internationally accepted language code) of the language, Mandarin is the one that has a wider coverage and so Mandarin is taken to be a standard form of Chinese and the official language of China. It is closely followed by Wu, Min and Cantonese. Mandarin is the accepted form of the Chinese language and therefore is the official language used in schools, Government offices and other organizations. The written word or the script of the Chinese language finds its origin in the hieroglyphs. With China slowly turning into a major power in the world, the Chinese language is one that people across the globe are trying to familiarize themselves with.

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  • Beijing Chinese Translation Company : Large translation service company, founded and managed by several experts from well-known universities in China such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University and Shanghai Communication University, etc.

  • Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation - : Chinese translation agency in China providing document translation, simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation between Chinese and dominant languages worldwide.

  • Language Learning Library : Assists in learning Chinese language. Includes basic words, common phrases, tell time, alphabet, culture, online language learning tutorials and lessons.

  • Chinese Town : Chinese language school located at Hangzhou, China, offers Mandarin courses and Chinese Pinyin programs.

  • China Study Abroad : Offers chinese learning programs with flexible options to stay in China with suitable needs.

  • ChildBook : An online Chinese bookstore offering Chinese-English books, DVDs, songs, CD-ROM software and other educational products for learning Chinese.

  • Chinese Tools : Provides resource on modern and traditional China. Includes travel, study, news, business, Chinese learning material, tools, discussion forum and more.

  • Mandarin Tools : Provides online tools to assist people studying and using chinese language.

  • Chinese Names : Offers names in Chinese symbols for free.

  • Learn Chinese : Offers new program for learning Chinese that contains over 100 lessons, a talking English - Chinese dictionary 2500 of the most frequently used vocabulary and phrases and an audio flash card system. Each item has two different speeds of audio playback.

  • University of Northern Lowa : A website dedicated to aiding the students of chinese and teachers. Includes multiple sites that focus on help with grammar, kids, food, culture, listening, history, cuisine, festivals, dictionaries, visual and more.

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