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Software refers to the programs that co-ordinate and make the functioning of the hardware (or physical parts of a computer) possible. It is the programs or the logical steps written in the computer understandable language that instruct the computer and on what tasks to perform and how. The hardware alone without the appropriate software is of no use. Software would include everything from the operating system to programs for carrying out different functions like word processing, calculations to name a few. The development of software is done by experts and the software is later tested by a group of specialists and only then is it certified fit for use. The software may be of different kinds depending on the function that they perform. The software needs to be coded in a language that the computer can read or understand. The software is usually written in a high level programming language and is then converted into the machine language and executed.

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eurodata AG

A German-based software company providing SaaS solutions such as payroll software, cloud services, accounting software, data integration and process monitoring.

  • Mobile Phone Locator : Cell phone monitoring tool that tracks phones of any generation from smartphones to feature phones. It is available worldwide and supports all phone models. One can enter the number and see the map.

  • Maxpanda : Delivers affordable and user-friendly computerized maintenance management system software. We provide software solutions for all business types from all sectors that need a sensible approach to maintenance management.

  • ABC Backup : Allows to copy, upload, download data automatically on schedule from PC to various storages, network disks, remote FTP servers.

  • Repeat Software - Digital signage : Produces repeat signage 2013 digital signage software. A windows based, supporting XP, Vista 7 and 8 and allows remote updating of presentations and content such as RSS feeds.

  • Porzio Aggregate SpendID : Offers the industry-leading end-to-end aggregate spend tracking and reporting solution. Aims to provide the Life Sciences industry with a complete Aggregate Spend reporting solution with integrated data and regulatory components to comply with current and evolving spend transparency regulations.

  • E-Cost Software : Since 1999, online software supplier specialized in all major software titles such as microsoft, adobe, symantec, mcafee, codeGear, business objects, corel, quark and many more.

  • Zip Backup : Software designed to backup data files to CD/DVD, using the standard Zip file format.

  • 1800-Time-Clocks - Web Time Clock & Attendance Software : Provides web punch employee time clock attendance software, one of the proven and affordable web based tracking software with fingerprint, face verify, and swipe card options. Assists in payroll, workforce scheduling, job tracking, labor allocation and benefit distribution.

  • OPTAC : A Stoneridge Electronic's range of tachogrpah analysis software. Includes digital tachograph rolls, tachograph charts and tachograph spares.

  • MedProID : Providing Federal and State healthcare license validation solutions to pharmaceutical and device industries to meet compliance and marketing needs.

  • PHD Virtual : Rewriting the ways companies to manage their data protection for virtual environments with VMware data protection software for systems of all sizes.

  • Canon Printer Drivers Download : Canon Printer Drivers Download Review are an intermediary website that provides original file Canon PIXMA from the official Canon website.

  • Drive-Backup : Offering complete disk backup and restore functionality along with most advanced set of tools available in today

  • X-Data : Offering cost effective ERP, MRP, RGA, RMA solutions for manufacturing and distribution companies.

  • Apparel Systems : UK`s leading suppliers of computer systems to clothing and footwear industries.

  • Altium - PCB Design Software : PCB design tools provider specializes in designing tools that help designers to make the most of the modern technologies, successfully manage projects, and deliver connected intelligent products.

  • FWi - Four Winds Interactive : Digital signage company located in Denver, offers digital signage software solutions. Serves multiple interactive digital signage markets including hotels, casinos, healthcare, corporate and many more.

  • : Offers software solutions, and sharepoint development and design to clients in Scotland, the United Kingdom. Website features a blog, list of services and contact details.

  • Grapevine Evaluations - 360 Feedback : A 360-degree feedback web-based tool designed for HR departments or consultants to easily create, manage and distribute online 360 Employee Evaluations. It doesn’t matter if your company has 5 or 5,000 employees, our tool works with your situation. Our tool helps your company measure performance, improve employee development, and build employee engagement.

  • Optima Dialer - Excellent Voice Quality : Optima Dialer is a mobile VoIP dialer app by Improlabs Pte Ltd. It runs only at 6 kbps bandwidth and can pass through any firewall when used in combination with the tunneling solution, BytePlex. Innovative and cost effective technology offers faster registration and call connectivity.

  • Infosys : Offers business consulting, IT outsourcing and software consulting services.

  • Wipro Technologies : Provider of integrated business, technology and process solutions on a global delivery platform.

  • Optima Saver - Bandwidth Enhancement Service for VOIP : A bandwidth optimization service for VOIP call termination. Assists in reducing bandwidth usage for call termination up to 80% while getting better call quality.

  • Data Virtualization Tools by dataWerks : Provides a decisive and definite set of Data Virtualization Tools that work and interact together to create a lifecycle of meaningful business analytics. Assists in managing a large amount of data from various sources without replication.

  • : Provides PDF security software from Locklizard, which helps in protecting the PDF documents and intellectual properties from illegal downloads.

  • Bramj Software Programs : One of the biggest Arabic software library of over 10,000 free and free-to-try software programs for Windows, Linux, Mac, Mobile Phones, Games and Drivers and daily updated news and reviews focused on best software and free to download.

  • iVision Mobile : Provides mobile marketing and text messaging software solutions for both large and small businesses. Assists users to send text messages (SMS messages), mms messages, and create interactive mobile campaigns.

  • GIGA - Online Calculators & Converters : Provides over 300 free online tools including calculators and converters for all kinds of tasks. Easy to use calculators to solve problems in math, geometry, trigonometry, physics, finance, business, statistics, transportation, construction, etc. Unit converters for commonly used measurement units.

  • : Resource for current information on events, business, education, environment, government, ltourism and transportation.

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