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Databases refer to a collection of data that is organized in a systematic manner. The arrangement of data in databases is done using specific software. Thus, the data is stored in a systematic way and can be retrieved and worked upon when needed. It is possible to add new data and also delete any unwanted data. The data is maintained by the software in rows and columns and the records are organized systematically so that they can be retrieved easily. The database management system or DBMS is the software that maintains the database. There are varied formats in which data is organized. It is especially useful for storing personal information and also in the case of large organizations. Large business and other organizations use databases for maintaining records related to employees, clients and other interest groups.

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  • : Providing wide range of flexible, affordable and easy-to-use alternative to traditional structured databases.

  • Aware IM : Provides an efficient way for small and large organizations to automate business processes and manage business over the Internet.

  • FairCom : Providing complete line of data management tools and offers an engineering level solution for data indexing and extraction.

  • IRI : Company was founded in 1978, leading innovator in big data transformation and migration, flat-file ETL and reporting, field-level data protection and test data generation.

  • : Founded in 1982, leading provider of high-performance embedded database solutions.

  • : Provides resource on database software downloads, database management and development.

  • : Offers software packages for chemical database management, chemical web server, structure drawing, diversity analysis, clustering, HTS and combinatorial chemistry.

  • Website Databases : Provides database software for designing and publishing a PHP MySQL web database.

  • Alpha Software : Offers database software solutions to database management system for web application development, rapid application development, desktop applications and more.

  • MySQL : Open source database software for Web, Web 2.0, SaaS, ISV, telecom companies and more.

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