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The Balanced Scorecard is an important performance evaluation tool that is popular across the globe. This is a structured formula that allows the management to keep a proper track of the functions performed by the employees and evaluate their contributions. It was popular in the western countries during the 1990s and with its benefits and many uses being recognized, it has been adopted by many other countries too. This system allows the company to evaluate performances and also put into effect the various changes that are required to step up productivity and performance of the staff. The evaluation can be done both in financial as well as non-financial terms and the results may be compared to the targets laid down. This allows to understand the difference between the actual and the target. It is thus, possible to implement measures that make it possible to bridge the gap. The credit for designing this system goes to Art Schneiderman.

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Balanced Scorecard Software - Intrafocus

Strategy management portal and provider of QuickScore the world acclaimed Balanced Scorecard and KPI management software.

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  • Active Strategy : Leading information portal for performance management, measurement and managing KPIs and metrics.

  • COA Solutions : UK's largest supplier of business management and information systems to private, public and service organisations.

  • : Developing wide range of web-based applications and services for business management, reporting and surveys.

  • Executive Strategy Manager : World's leading on-demand balanced scorecard software expertise in strategy, risk, corporate performance management and business intelligence.

  • View Target : Web-based software offering the most easy to use software solution for implementing scorecards and management dashboards.

  • Strategy Map Balanced Scorecard : Based in Australia, provides business activity monitoring and strategy map balanced scorecard strategic planning KPI software.

  • Corporater : Provides balanced scorecard software solutions. Offers all the tools including strategy maps, strategic initiatives and KPI.

  • Balanced Scorecards : Provides comprehensive information on balanced scorecard software. Resource includes articles, books, consulting firms, training schools and more.

  • Balanced Scorecard Institute : Provides training, consulting and guidance on the balanced scorecard for strategic transformation of government and business.

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