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Testing Services refer to services employed for the testing of different software. After the software is created it needs to be tested to check for bugs and also ascertaining whether it serves the purpose for which it has been created. Testing services ensure that the software meets the requirements, does not have any problems or bugs and is in a state that can be used directly. There are different testing models that have been developed to check particular software. The testing may also be done at different stages either at the developers stage or the testers. Testing involves assessing the software on different criteria to finally mark it as suitable eliminating the different bugs and problems that arise. Software testing helps to ascertain if the software is suitable and can meet the needs of the target audience. Testing is an important part of software development and cannot be ignored.

Site Listings
  • Pure Testing : Offering software testing services and training consultation for SDLC products in India, US, Europe and other parts of the world.

  • Qcon : Independent software testing services company in Bangalore, specialized in providing software testing services and corporate training in testing to clients all over the world.

  • AppLabs : World's largest software testing and management company, providing quality assurance and third-party validation.

  • QA InfoTech : Established in 2003, specialized in providing independent, unbiased software testing services to companies.

  • Acutest : UK software testing consultancy, providing outsourced technical and business assurance services, business process assurance, end-to-end testing and system migration testing, also provides software testing training courses for organisation.

  • Gerrard Consulting : Offering testing and quality assurance services including test assurance, strategy development, performance testing, non-functional testing, testing training and consulting.

  • Iterators LLC : Located in Boston delivers top-notch testing services for mobile apps, websites, and software. Works with businesses of all sizes and industries.

  • AC Labs : US based software testing company offers software testing consulting services which includes test automation, load testing, performance testing, functionality testing and interoperability testing.

  • ApTest : Providing innovative software testing solutions tools and services for automated and manual testing of application software, Web sites, middleware and system software.

  • Benchmark QA : Offering wide range of assurance consulting and software testing services including load testing, stress testing, process improvement as well as performance engineering, software testing, test automation and quality assurance training.

  • Bet A Soft : Privately held corporation based in San Jose, California, offering software testing and quality assurance services, experts in performance and automated testing, QA management, test planning and process improvement.

  • Testmatick : An independent software testing and quality assuring company located in New York, USA. Offers more than 20 types of QA services, company can cover absolutely every need in testing.

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