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Enterprise Performance Management is also known as Business Performance Management or Corporate Performance Management. Enterprise Performance Management refers to the set of processes involved in managing the performance of a business or enterprise. It is important for any or every business to achieve efficiently and effectively the goals that have been set. The activities carried out or the performance should be such that they aim at achieving the organizational goals. The staff at the managerial levels must continuously evaluate the situations and performance so as to be able to bring in the necessary changes for the achievement of the objective or goals of the organization. Gathering information, analyzing it and taking the right steps is essential for the proper functioning of the business or enterprise. There are several strategies that have been formulated for performance management, for instance, Balanced Scorecard, Total quality management, Theory of Constraints to name a few. Of these, the balanced scorecard system is the most popular.

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  • HCL : Provides enterprise performance management solutions to different industries.

  • SAP : Provides enterprise performance management solutions to large, medium and small size businesses.

  • ProDacapo : Offers performance management software solutions through activity-based management, business planning, balanced scorecard and process management.

  • IBM : Offers performance management software to organizations. Assists in improving managing, planning, budgeting, monitoring and reporting analysis.

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