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Egypt or the Arab Republic of Egypt is situated in the northern part of the African continent. The country which is transcontinental spreads over an area of approximately 1,010,000 sq kms. It shares its boundaries with Sudan, Israel and Libya. Cairo is the capital of Egypt. The official language is Arabic. The Egyptian pound is the official currency of the country. The country has a population of approximately 85 million. Islam is the predominant religion of the country with approximately 90% of the people being Muslims. Egypt has a very well-developed economy, in fact the most prosperous of the Middle East countries. Tourism, Industry and Agriculture are the focal points of economic growth and development. Egypt is almost synonymous to the term “pyramids” that reflects its rich and illustrious past. The country is an important tourist destination and plays the perfect host to several thousand tourists each year. Egypt has been the focus of several historical and archaeological studies. It is a mystical land that has and continues to interest and intrigue many.

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Egypt Today

Egyptian social affairs magazine serving customers for more than 35 years.


Cultural club and Arabic bookstore of Egypt, Middle East and Arab countries. Features house articles, literature, poetry, etc.

  • Radio Station World : Details about Egyptian radio stations, shortwave broadcasters, and listings of radio stations are mentioned.

  • Egypt Daily News : Egyptian independent news site that covers information on daily news, international news, middle east news, and so forth.

  • Mawred : Organization features events schedule, latest news, photo gallery and overview of El Genaina Theatre.

  • Fadia Badrawi : Features Egyptian-American artist Fadia Badrawi's Contemporary drawings and paintings in oil, pastel and charcoal.

  • Egypt Holidays Directory : Comprehensive travel guide, brings the best of Egyptian restaurants, hotels, flights, pyramids, museums and other tourist attractions.

  • ASK Aladdin : Provides entry visa, weather conditions and other useful tips for travellers visiting the country.

  • Arab World Books : Featuring articles, stories, literature and poetry of Egypt, Arab and middle-east area.

  • Essam Azouz : Presents photographs of different artworks and list of exhibitions of artist Essam Azouz.

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