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  • Epic Eras : Some of the ancient Egyptian recreational activities like fishing, hunting, and athletic sports such as archery, swimming, hockey are found. Details on Egyptian board games are included as well.

  • State Information Service : Details on ancient and modern Egyptian sports, history of football in Egypt, sporting clubs, olympics, achievements, etc are found.

  • Egypt Soccer : Blog to know about Egyptian soccer news, updates, interviews, matches etc.

  • FIFA : Details on Egyptian national football teams, national leagues, ranking, information and honours, development activities, etc are found. Includes information on worldwide football teams.

  • : Details on Egyptian football news, videos, league matches, opinions, etc are found.

  • : Details on ancient Egyptian sports and games like javelin, archery, etc are included.

  • Tour Egypt : Information about some of the ancient Egyptian sports like hockey, weight lifting, boxing, marathon, archery, tug of hoop, rhythmic gymnastics, etc are included.

  • Egypt Past : Archive to know about facts, history, culture and customs, sports and recreation activities of ancient Egypt.

  • Ancient Egypt Online : Details on ancient Egyptian sports and its similarities with modern sports are included.

  • Egypt Fishing : Details on fishing in Egypt for recreational activities are included.

  • Nile Sports : Details on live football coverage, breaking news, Egyptian Premier League, Egyptian National team, and news and updates about Egyptian football are included.

  • Ancient Egyptian Sports : Facts and information about ancient Egyptian sports and athletics, pastimes, animal hunting, etc are found.

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