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Provides links to various fields and domains like economy, politics, travel, history, etc. News reports and articles are included.


Repository to find Egyptian links and resources from varied fields.

  • Egy Shipping : Online guide to know about the shipping and logistics industry in Egypt.

  • Egypt Business Directory : Online directory that provides details of Egyptian businesses with company profiles, tenders, jobs, press releases, etc.

  • : Online government guide that provides information on legal and personal proceedings and government services.

  • 140 Online : Egyptian business directory that provides contact details about professional and personal services.

  • EITP : Provider of business-to-business directories. Trade news, business stories, etc are available.

  • Wikitravel : Online free travel guide that provides primary details about Egypt.

  • Kompass : Business directory and information center for various sectors, industries, products and services.

  • Library of Congress : Online guide about the constitution and legal procedures of Egypt.

  • Student Guide : Online student guide that provides articles related to various subjects. Assists students in reaching their scholastic goals.

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