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  • UCL : University that offers various courses related to Archaeology. It offers post graduate courses in Society and Culture in Ancient Egypt.

  • Every Culture : Repository to know details about the culture of various countries around the world. Egyptian culture, demography, linguistic affiliation, history, architecture, etc related to Egypt are found.

  • Egypt Global Culture : Details about food items of Egyptian culture are shared. Information on desserts, meals, and other dishes are shared.

  • Tour Egypt : Provides details about Egyptian gods and goddesses worshipped by ancient Egyptians are eloborated. Links to know more about Egyptian culture, cities, architecture, etc are found.

  • Ancient Egypt : Details on ancient Egyptians, paintings, their lifestyle, and stories are shared.

  • Ancient Civilizations : Details about social structure of Egyptians, their life, Egyptian art, old kingdoms, religion, etc are shared.

  • Ask Aladdin : Travel website that provides information about touring in Egypt, Egyptian culture and traditions, shopping, facts about the country, entertainment, etc.

  • All About Egypt : Repository to know about tourism in Egypt, and lifestyle of Egyptians.

  • Mysteries of Egypt : Details about ancient Egypt, architecture, geography, timeline, daily life, religion, science, etc are included.

  • Ancient History Encylopedia : Encyclopedia that gives historical information on various cultures and societies including Egypt.

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