Why Content Marketing is a Great Part of SEO in San Francisco?

Why Content Marketing is a Great Part of SEO in San Francisco

There are challenges as well as major benefits in connecting content marketing and SEO. The case of blog posts from Bufferapp always topping in search engines ranking has been a mystery to SEO experts. Bufferapp has managed to attract audiences free. Eventually, their experts revealed their secret.

Essentially, they do not concentrate on conversion rates, revenue or traffic. The main thing Bufferapp owes its success to is their content management, planning, and promotion. As such, when SEO is linked to content marketing strategies, the new entrant managed to compete in a hypercompetitive industry.  Their brand was powerful and many people have used their strategy in order to gain similar results.

Do not give too much attention to conversion, traffic, and revenue

Here are some of the elements to consider when making an SEO plan that is developed with content marketing in mind.

  • Find out what your clients want and give it to them
  • Communicate with your site’s visitors after they leave your site. They feel included in the marketing process and the personal approach prompts them to visit your site again.
  • Give special offers for your product in order to ensure they act immediately on the offers.
  • Build content that attracts more clients by using a great content marketing plan.


Based on the above points, you will notice that they are not focused on traffic or click rates. The tactical elements of SEO exit but gain much power when integrated with a good content management plan. Essentially, content marketing has nothing to do with paid content. Organic search is imperative to any marketing strategy.

Search engine marketers are aware that content marketing is a great tactic to engage your targeted audience. Naturally, this will improve search rankings. However, the same marketers may find that their marketing campaigns are failing. What is the reason for this?

What any leader should know about SEO and content marketing      

Essentially, content marketing is not content that is camouflaged as editorial content. When done correctly, content marketing can be a great way to create a formidable relationship with your clients. When well implemented, you will find that a good content strategy will provide you with authority and trust in the market. Naturally, it provides your company with the middle of buying cycle and research. Therefore, it also takes control of what your clients read and see as well as think and do.

Appearing in the organic search results and improving traffic to your website will convert fans into long-lasting clients. These pointers are important for SEO in San Francisco and experts should them put into practice. The clicks and traffic results you gain from Google search engine are free.

Therefore, ensure that you use content marketing and improve on content in order to tell people the great stories they wish to hear. Therefore, your content should not be seen to have marketing and selling gimmicks. You get to sell more by selling without selling. Ensure you meet the needs of your customers by helping and meeting their needs. This way, you have more people looking for your content and increasing your impact. Your content marketing strategy will set you apart from your competition.

You get to dominate a niche and become a market leader

It is important to own the niche in your market if you want to build a great brand. Use tools such as SEO analysis and Keyword research in order to find out the search behavior for your niche. An experienced consultant can give you great results and a good content management plan.

Using the information, you get to find out the following about your clients.

  • What they are concerned about
  • What they are curious to find out
  • The solutions that they seek online
  • What they dream about owning


Moz Whiteboard Friday recently discussed the article ‘Know What Your Audience Wants before Investing in Content Creation and Marketing’. Essentially, this is what you need to know before investing in content creation.

Placing the cart ahead of the horse

There are those clients who keep asking why a content marketing strategy is not working. There are a number of answers common to most industries and companies. Here are some of the reasons:

Weak content planning

It is imperative to be smart when creating content. Plan your content. Essentially, not much is new about content marketing. There is a popular buzz for the word today; however, it is necessary to plan your content well in order to get results.

Lack of digital market integration to content marketing

It is important to plan digital channel marketing. When ordering fresh content, there are some serious flaws that many organizations fail to foresee. Invest in good stories that people love to read. Naturally, your content converts a lot better.

Failing to understand the advertising and content marketing disparity

It is wrong to think that content marketing entails:

  • Production of content
  • Having an audience
  • Booking orders from prospective clients


However, content marketing entails the following

  • Connecting to your audience
  • Building your clients’ trust
  • Gaining authority
  • Gaining potential repeat clients
  • Gaining authority as the company that is the go-to guy


Therefore, if your content marketing is about distributing content, then you need to rethink the strategy. Creating content that looks like advertisement is not a good plan for content marketing. You may have the lead after paying the advertisement for a few weeks. However, the content will not last long.

Lack of digital marketing know-how

An agency or a consultant may think that new buzzwords as well as services, will bring in more clients to your site. However, without great knowledge on market trends, this strategy will lead to failure.

Therefore, the lack of knowledge in digital marketing will bring a major loss to your clients. Your strategy director and content management organizers should know how Google works in order to give you results.

Finally, ensure that you use content management specialists who take the following seriously:

  • They take planning and research seriously
  • Are experienced in SEO and know what people want
  • Have access to precious historical data for search engines
  • Ensure that the content created provides for successful business goals.


Therefore, these are some of the reasons why content marketing and SEO should be connected.

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