5 Important Things You Need to Know about SEO

5 Important Things You Need to Know about SEO

Search engines like Google and Yahoo keep changing their algorithms from time to time. For this reason, every site owner must be able to adapt to any changes made by different search engines to remain on search result top list.

According to different SEO experts from different SEO teams, there is a bunch of things that you must keep doing if you want your site to be a success.

Read on for 5 important and exciting things that you need to know or do for excellent SEO results.

  1. Understand the three pillars of SEO

    Where SEO and internet marketing is key, there are three pillars of SEO that are recognized around the globe; content, social networking, and link building. You will not be doing SEO without the three.

    For starters, content is requisite. Since everyone is internet savvy nowadays, content marketing has become the talk of the day, especially for business website owners. Poor quality content is a big no when it comes to internet marketing. As long as you want to generate content online, content that will be approved and passed by search engines, content that internet users can rely on, you must ensure that you come up with high-quality content.

    Secondly, any Madison SEO expert would advise you to earn your links. Gone are the days when website owners would buy links to their websites. Nowadays, search engines might ignore bought links and give credit to websites that have gone over and beyond to earn their links. An example of legitimately earning links to your site is by generating articles and blog posts and using keywords as a link back to your website. You can choose to hyperlink the keywords.

    The third SEO pillar is social networking. The number of social media fans is growing by the day. More and more people are spending half their time on social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PinInterest, and Google+.

    The point is, sharing your content, your products or your ideas on social networks is a guaranteed endorsement that will be bringing nothing less than success, new customers, and even new investors. So keep posting, keep sharing and do not forget to link the content back to your site.

  1. Check your site loading speed

    Owing to the fact that there are hundreds of sites that internet users can turn to, you must ensure that your site is among the most visited sites. And for your site to attract many internet users, it must be able to load pages faster.

    Therefore, ensure that your site is not sluggish and that content is available to browsers within the shortest time possible. If you happen to notice that pages are taking longer than usual to load, call in a web developer as soon as possible because with online marketing, time is money and every minute that is lost negatively affects your success.

  1. Get some on-site optimization in place

    Unlike SEO, a huge number of people are not conversant with on-site optimization. If you happen to be among them, on-site optimization refers to any action that can be directly taken to improve a website’s ranking. Examples of tactics that can be used for on-site optimization include Meta descriptions, title tags, and content keywords.

  1. Consider off-site optimization as well

    On the contrary, off-site optimization means the use of external methods to get your website to the top rank of search engines. Off-site optimization is not done online like on-site optimization.

  1. Use structured data often

    Search engines like Google and Yahoo are more interested in structured data or schema if you like. Structured data, which includes the use of HTML tags, is meant to improve search results and make your site easily accessible. In addition to this, these search engines will be able to interpret your content easily as well as give your site higher search engine rankings.

Note: The choice you make regarding your SEO services – finding an SEO expert or doing the online marketing yourself – will either build or kill your business. With the points noted above, you will be wise enough to avoid the pitfalls that most webmasters fall into in the quest for top search engine ranking.

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