Predicting the Trends in Blogging for 2017

Predicting the Trends in Blogging for 2017

What do you need to see the future of blogging? You don’t need tarot cards or floating orbs. You will need keen observation, a collection of reliable data from the genesis of blogging and, of course, strong deduction powers. We have seen the rise of B2B bloggers back in 2016, the monetization of blogging and exponential increase in paid ads in blogs as well. So what is waiting for us in 2017?

The more important questions that bloggers are already asking are, “how to get followers on my blog?” “How to get people to read our blogs?” and “How to create a blog using WordPress people will love?” Trends in blogging have changed to accommodate the new trends in digital marketing.

Here are a few predictions in Blogging for 2017 you may want to know:

  1. The theory of engagement –

    We have always seen that people are looking for a more human experience. There is a reason People of New York is one of the most popular pages on Facebook and otherwise. People want something that is personal and that can touch them emotionally. To do so, you will need to engage with those who are currently following you. Take time to reply to their messages. Let people share your content on social media platforms.

  2. Give life to the live –

    Live streaming is not a fad anymore. It is all about staying in touch with your followers, target audience and carving out a new niche for your brand. Going live is the craze that will keep you visible on social media. Blogs are finally moving forward towards integrating live video streaming. This is recommended if you want to engage with your followers on a personal level. This is a vicarious experience for your viewers.

    You can also share these videos later so your readers can watch and re-watch these, and share them on social media.

  3. Keep it alive with images and videos –

    Videos and images are a fresh breath of air to the tired eyes. Readers love to see some video content or some informative images in between black and white. If you are a travel blogger, include a snippet of a hike video or an image from a personal collection to keep things interesting. This is especially recommended for those who deal with highly “visual” topics. This includes fashion, adventure sports, food, and designing. You should intersperse your content with images or simple How-To videos to keep your viewers interested.

  4. Convince using compelling content –

    There are a few things you need to do if you want that perfect CTR and conversion rate.

    • Conduct market research before engaging in content production.
    • Write longer in-depth content with riveting information. Keep the language simple but the information fresh.
    • Shy away from too much information. Information overload is a real thing, and you need to clean up your website to keep your viewers from being overwhelmed.


So, there it is. The prime predictions for 2017 that will change the way (again) we look at blogging now.

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