Importance of Blogging as a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Importance of Blogging as a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Irrespective of the emergence of new content features and format, your blog is central to efficacious content marketing. This is the interactive hub of your website. Moreover, it offers several benefits that you will not be able to achieve with any other tool. As a matter of fact, blogging is the most crucial aspect of content marketing for generating organic traffic. A lot of work is involved in this. Your blog will give you a voice with the customers. It will offer you the opportunity to be seen as an expert in a specific industry. Take a look at why blogging should be an essential part of your marketing strategy.

  1. People Want Advice and Answers

    When the customers face a problem they turn to the website to look for a solution or more information. Your blog will serve as an important place to provide information and answers during the initial consideration and awareness stages in the customer’s investigation. The blog is no doubt, the best place to offer advice to people who are facing problems.

  2. You can Generate Conversations

    In case the information that you are providing is valid, it will set up a call-to-action for the solution. Precise blogs with in-depth and accurate information will demonstrate authority and credibility on a specific topic. Thus, you need to earn trust with someone who is not sure how to resolve a problem initially.

    The blog content will guide the reader through the discovery phase of the problem resolution. At the end of the post, if there is an effective call to action, it will point the reader towards the next step of the journey. The call to action will increase downloads of more in-depth case studies and whitepapers or make the customers connect to the online page where you are offering specific solutions.

  3. Google Prefers Freshness

    Fresh content is a crucial factor in the Google search engine result page algorithm. As the main website page is usually static, a business blog is the best strategy to post content on a constant basis. If you write two or three new blogs every week, it will offer Google and the other search engines relevant and fresh content to scan it when they crawl the website. Make sure that there is a wide range of topics.  This will expand your reach in the user search.

  4. You Achieve Engagement

    Your website page is one-sided and thus, the blog is the best onsite platform for inviting conversations with your audience. You can do so from the social media platforms. Nonetheless, you need to make sure that you have the time to contribute to the respective areas. A lack of interaction and presence on social media will have a negative influence. If you want, you can enable comments on the blog so that you get feedback from the customers. This way you will have the opportunity to respond to their queries and questions.

    In comparison to other conventional media advertising, blogs are pretty inexpensive to operate. You are already investing in the technology infrastructure like the software and the server. Thus, it is an additional investment in this area. Moreover, content has a longer time span on your website, as it will remain for an indefinite period. The primary benefits of blogs show that it will remain central to the content marketing strategy.

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Anaya Shastri is a full-time blogger. Topics she likes to write about include marketing, gifts, travel, festivals and many more. She is also a serious chocoholic and loves to write about anything to do with chocolate. When not writing she is usually traveling or trekking in the mountains.

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