8 Steps to Work Effectively with Bloggers in Promoting Your Brand

7 Steps to Work Effectively with Bloggers in Promoting Your Brand

Nowadays, bloggers are one of the most effective influencers there is. They cover several niches including parenting, lifestyle, food, fashion, travel and many more. People go to bloggers for tips, information, and resources. The bloggers with strong presences on different platforms have a significant impact on their audience’s decisions especially when it comes to products and services to avail.

As a result, many brands and businesses partner with bloggers to promote their products and services. It is one of the most valuable marketing tools for many companies. If you are looking to promote your services and products, bloggers are one of your best choices. Their audience is very much eager to absorb their suggestions and opinions.

However, it is essential that you know the many steps on how to get a blogger to promote your product and how to make sure that your campaign and relationship with the blogger goes smoothly. To help you, we have listed the seven essential steps to working with bloggers to make the most of it.

Find below the 8 steps to work effectively with bloggers in promoting your brand:

1) Plan, plan, plan

The most successful and effective sponsored blog posts don’t happen by chance. They are planned with precision and follow a detailed list of steps in executing the campaign. Both bloggers and brands work together to make sure that the post meets the tastes and needs of each one. Aside from that, there’s also the consideration of the content type, article, messaging parameters, branding, crossposting, approval and publishing date that should be agreed on by both parties. When the blogger and brand are on the same page about the details of a campaign or a post, it helps to avoid any misunderstanding and increase the success of the campaign.

2) Establish a great relationship

From the very start, you should be honest and upfront with your blogger of choice about your expectations, budget, and goals. This way, there’s transparency between parties and each one is not wasting the time of one another. Also, businesses should be concise and clear with the solicitations. Ensure that you can also provide benefits to the blogger. After all, you are not the only one sending them sponsorship requests. To avoid having your message sit in the inbox of a blogger, you should provide a catchy request showing how the blogger can benefit from your campaign.  You will most likely not receive any response if you send the blogger a long-winded message.

3) Let the Blogger do his or her thing

Most bloggers have become so influential because they are good at blogging. As such, let them be creative and provide them with enough freedom to exercise their talents using sponsored contents. This way you get the best results.  Sometimes, you can ask bloggers to add a particular message, affiliate link or a call to action. But it is best to keep in mind that bloggers work best when they are allowed to direct the production of the post. As a result, you will have a sponsored post that’s crafted with the voice and unique style of the blogger making it a post that feels organic.

4) Give the Blogger enough resources

For the success of your campaign, you should provide the blogger with the right resources that are outside of their reach. These can range from the color of the product, access to the designer of the brand, or a particular location to shoot a video or a photo. Make sure you offer your support to help make the job of the blogger more effective and easier.Brands can also provide bloggers with assistance by handling the logical tasks surrounding the campaign. These can be considerations such as setting meetings or call, launch schedules and content approval. Whichever it may be, your simple efforts can help your blogger concentrate on his or her creativity.

5) Communicate properly

Blog collaboration through communication is vital. No matter how finely-tuned a campaign plan is, there will always be questions. Also, any unforeseen obstacle can necessitate shifts in content, timing and other campaign aspects. These can very much cause a domino effect when it’s not properly addressed. For every change in the campaign, bloggers and brands must communicate immediately.

6) Make sure each sponsored content follows FTC guidelines

Did you know that as much as 93% of celebrity endorsements violate the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) when it comes to sponsored posts? However, this problem is not just about big celebrities. A lot of social media bloggers and influencers don’t comply with the FTC guidelines. Make sure you are knowledgeable enough about this, so you do not risk violating the FTC guidelines.

7) Manage and maintain a relationship

After a campaign, your relationship with the blogger doesn’t need to end. It is best to always stay in contact with the bloggers. You can do this by sending bloggers an update when it comes to the efforts and releases of the company to keep the bloggers in the know. Also, you can build good faith and more rapport by sending bloggers discounts and freebies. When you foster long-term relationships with bloggers, you are providing the future campaigns of your brand a wealth of value. It will often lead to a fruitful and long partnership.

8) Takeaways

If you want to have a successful campaign, one of the best ways to do so is by partnering with bloggers. You can send them a request and tap into their audience. If they agree with your terms, make sure you provide them the benefits for collaborating with your brand. Make them feel comfortable and just let them blog. It will ensure that the bloggers can provide you with a natural and organic looking sponsored content. The audience will soak everything in, and you get an increase in sales. Once a campaign blog is finished, it is best to stay in contact with the blogger to have a better lasting relationship just in case you will need their help in the future.

Send them discounts and freebies once in a while and let them know how grateful you are with the last campaign.

Did we miss any step? Let us know in the comments below.

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