Survive and Enjoy Scuba Diving in Andaman by taking these Precautions

Survive and Enjoy Scuba Diving in Andaman by taking these Precautions

One of the major attractions of an Andaman trip is scuba diving, and you can enjoy a great adventurous holiday when you include all kinds of activities within your holiday plan as well. The tourists who come to Andaman and are going to try out scuba diving should keep in mind that this is adventure sports and chances of accidents cannot be ruled out entirely. Hence it is essential that you opt for proper training and maintain all the safety precautions while you are choosing scuba diving. There are numerous factors that you need to keep in mind for your survival and safety.

  1. Find the right Andaman Nicobar tour package for scuba diving

    If you are an adventurous soul, your trip to Andaman islands will remain incomplete if you do not try some exciting activities. If you are wondering how much these additional activities will cost you, you can try and find a suitable tour package that includes water sports and activities too.

  2. Do not hold your breath when you are underwater

    it is the basic knowledge that you must always keep in mind while scuba diving. As you dive in, your lung holds and expands the air you breathe in, and it contracts during descent. If you keep your breathing normally, you can make sure that excess air can have a passage for escape, and hence you do not injure yourself while swimming. Holding your breath can lead to injury of the lungs due to over- pressurization and this health hazard are called pulmonary barotrauma.

  3. Safe ascents

    It is imperative that you practice proper and safe ascent before you go for the dive. It is essential to breathe continuously and ascend slowly always. If it is not done correctly, there is a high chance of nitrogen being absorbed into your bloodstream and lead to bubble formation in your blood which can also lead to decompression sickness. Another factor to be taken note of regarding ascent is you must never use an inflator button to get to the surface and always make sure that your BCD is wholly deflated before you dive in.

  4. Always check your gear before diving

    Your scuba diving gear is your lifeline underwater. It is essential that you go through last minute check for the equipment and ensure that there is no malfunctioning of the gear and you can survive underwater easily. Any malfunctioning of the diving gears can lead to a life-threatening situation for you, and hence the best solution would be ensuring every part of the complete diving gear is smoothly functioning and is in perfect condition.

  5. Know your limits

    It is essential to have a good idea about your own limits, and you must not dive beyond your limit. There are different depth levels and depending on your expertise you need to decide your limit. Andaman Nicobar tour package often includes scuba diving for you, and you can enjoy the dive within all kinds of safety limits in Andaman if you keep these factors in mind well. For many people, the Andaman Islands are an exotic destination for holiday much because of the adventure sports that you can indulge in while you are spending your holiday at the beaches of this island state.

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