Juggling the Logistics of Relocating While Selling a Home

Juggling the Logistics of Relocating While Selling a Home

Studies have found that few things in life are as stressful as a move. For homeowners who have to sell their home but can’t delay a move, the situation can be much more complicated and taxing.

Simultaneously handling a long-distance move while getting your home ready to sell and on the market is often a logistical nightmare. The financial strain of managing two housing payments at once can also be a significant strain. The key to keeping your sanity is finding professionals that can help.

Find a Reputable Interstate Moving Company

Moving across town requires a fair amount of coordination. Moving out-of-state can get much more complicated. When you’re already trying to get your home on the market and sold, there’s little time to focus on figuring out the logistics of an interstate move.

A nationwide company like North American Van Lines are equipped and experienced at making interstate moves. You can use that to your advantage and let the company take the reigns on organizing the move so you can focus on getting your home ready to sell.

Find a Realtor You Can Trust

If you have to move out of town before your home is sold you’ll have to entrust the process solely to your real estate agent. When you can’t be there to keep an eye on things, upkeep the yard and get the home ready for showings you’ll have to trust your realtor to handle it for you.

A good realtor will provide sound advice on what buyers are looking for in your area and what you can do to help sell the home as quickly as possible. They’ll also provide what’s called comparables. These are similar homes in your neighborhood that have recently sold. Comparables will tell you the appropriate price per square so you can list your home at a price that will attract offers quickly.

Focus on Home Fixes That Make the Biggest Impact

Both time and money aren’t on your side when you move while your house is on the market or getting ready to go on the market. Homeowners could find themselves with just a few weeks to get everything done before moving day. If your home needs a little TLC, it’s best to focus first on the low-hanging fruit.

These are the cosmetic updates and small fixes that make the home more appealing to a larger pool of buyers. Adding a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color is the perfect example. It will make the home seem fresh and well maintained without costing much. Easy fixes like a leaky faucet is another example of a relatively low-cost fix that eliminates a perceived drawback of the home.

Remember, the goal is to get your home sold as quickly as possible so you aren’t stuck with two house payments. This is accomplished by pricing it appropriately and doing what you can to make the home seem as clean, modern and structurally sound as possible.

3 Easy Ways to Save During the Move and Home Selling Process

It may seem near impossible to save money when you’re moving and selling a home, but it is possible. Here are a few ideas worth considering:

  • Get a Home Depot store card (or similar):

    Home Depot offers cardholders 0% interest for anywhere from 6-24 months depending on the amount spent. This can allow you to make fixes without draining your bank account. It’s an ideal option if you are certain that you’ll sell your home for a profit and can pay off the balance before interest is due.

  • Find free moving boxes:

    Aside from hiring movers, one of the most expensive aspects of a move is buying boxes for all of your stuff. There are plenty of businesses that get shipments in cardboard boxes then toss them once they’re unpacked. Visit your local grocery stores, liquor stores, and bookstores to see if they have gently used boxes you can pick up for free.

  • Do a purge before you start packing:

    Another way to save on packing and moving is to downsize. For interstate moves load weight is the major factor in the final cost. The less stuff you have the cheaper it will be to move because you need fewer boxes, less manpower, and a smaller moving truck.

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