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The continent of South America as the name suggests lies in the southern hemisphere with a small part spreading over to the northern hemisphere. The continent is surrounded by huge water bodies like the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific and the Caribbean sea. South America occupies approximately 3.5% of the area of the world and ranks fourth. The continent is fifth in terms of the number of people living that is, the population. The continent is rich in a number of minerals that contribute a great deal to its income. South America is also known to house a diverse range of flora and fauna making it a major attraction for the nature lovers. The continent attracts a large number of tourists due to its rich historical past, monuments, diverse food and culture, art and diversity like no other. The countries in South America is home to huge indigenous population.

Site Listings
  • Escuela Lasmorochas : Located in the city of Ciudad Ojeda in northwest, english speaking school created for expatriate children.

  • SA Explorers : Improves social, economic and environmental conditions within South America by fostering the diffusion of information and positive cross-cultural interaction.

  • Latin Trade : Providing interactive tools to research and trade finance, insurance, shipping and other services for Latin American businesses.

  • Colombia Times : Resources for news and analysis on current events, business, finance, economy and sports.

  • Ecuador Pictures : Photographers Dan Heller, Wm Leler, Marco Cruz, Ivan Manzano, Rafael Perugachi and many more shows the beauty and ecological richness of the country.

  • Ariane Space : Offering launch service and solutions to satellite operators from around the world to both private companies and government agencies.

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