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The Republic of Suriname or Suriname is located in the northern part of the continent of South America. It shares its borders with French Guinana, Brazil and Guyana. The land is spread over an area of 163,821 sq kms. Suriname is located between 1 deg and 6 deg N latitudes and 54 deg and 58 deg W longitudes. Paramaribo is the capital of the country. It is also the largest city in Suriname. Dutch is the official language. The Surinamese dollar is the official currency. Christianity is the predominant religion of the land. The country is divided into 10 different districts for all administrative purposes.

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  • Suriname Tourism : Tour operator specialized in guiding to accommodation, things to do and see and information on places to visit.

  • Guesthouse Albergo Alberga : Located in the heart of Paramaribo, providing accommodation in a colonial-style guesthouse.

  • Guesthouse Amice : Situated in Paramaribo, Suriname, offering comfortable and air-conditioned guesthouse suitable for business and leisure travellers.

  • Krasnapolsky : Hotel centrally located in the middle of Paramaribo’s bustling downtown area, is the perfect choice for tourists and business travellers.

  • Hotel La Petite Maison : Specialized in providing business and leisure travelers with warm hospitality and excellent service.

  • Suriname Holiday Rentals : Villas and apartments for rent in an entertaining holiday destination.

  • Blue Wing Airlines : Providing information on domestic and international destinations, charters and its fleet.

  • Languages of Suriname : Database lists living languages of the country, population and alternate names.

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