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Colombia or the Republic of Colombia is situated in the northwestern part of the continent of South America. The neighbouring lands include Brazil, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador. A unitary constitutional republic, the country is located between 14 and 5 deg S latitudes and 66 and 82 deg W longitudes. The country is divided into 32 different departments and a capital district for all administrative purposes. It is spread over an area of 1,141,748 sq kms. Bogota is the capital of the country. Spanish is the official language here. The Peso is the official currency. The population of the land is approximately 46 million.

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  • : Site includes booking information, flight schedules and news.

  • Milano Car : Provides solutions along with the best service, for different necessities in the city of medellin.

  • Rosario Islands : Complete guide to Colombia's park, aquarium, beaches and sea life.

  • In Ministry to Children : Organization providing relief for children in Colombia by food, residential and educational programs.

  • Eco Petrol : Oil and gas company located in the municipality of Puerto Gaitan.

  • Altman CIA : Supplying raw material to food and pharmaceutical industries for over 28 years.

  • EXCO : Company located in Bogota and Pereira, manufacturing and supplying metal tubes.

  • Juan Pablo Montoya : Providng a range of information on Colombia's famous Williams BMW driver.

  • Birding Colombia : Tour operator specialized in birding tours in Colombia.

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