What are the Benefits of Network Monitoring?

Benefits of Network Monitoring

In today’s increasingly complex IT architecture, networking monitoring has become a critical part of network management. Making sure that everything is working as it should be required to use for a solution that is rich in functionality; a tool that will alert the administrators to any anomalies as soon as they arise. Even so, it may not be clear to you why you may need to invest in networking tools software.

The following benefits of using these tools will help decide whether this is something you need or not.

Optimize Your Network Performance and Availability

Network availability is how easy it is for one IP infrastructure to get to another IP infrastructure. With networking presently supporting more operations than before, achieving optimal availability is crucial to the operations and success of a business. A network management tool will proactively and automatically gather the information you need to know about the network, thereby enabling the administrator to anticipate the future. The right tool will enable you to analyze your network’s performance in real time.

Improve Asset Utilization

Cisco predicts that by the end of 2016, mobile devices will generate more traffic than the wired devices. This will account for 55% of all the activities by 2017. With that in mind, it is fundamental for the administrators to know what is connecting to the network and if the infrastructure is fully equipped to handle fluctuations.

The networking tools with RightitNow Software will provide you with a full inventory of the network equipment. You can also use planning management features to help analyze the long-term trends and apply the findings to justify upgrades. At the end of the day, the network monitoring software will enable you to lower expenses.

Minimize Risk

There is nothing more important that being able to provide a network that is secure and meets all the compliance guidelines. There are numerous regulatory requirements that you have to worry about in addition to the SLAs and your customers.

To meet and maintain compliance, it is important for an organization to keep tabs on their network. You need real-time maps of the network topologies, port association for the VLANs, continuous monitoring as well as secure channels. This will help you remain on the proper path.

Efficient Change Management

It is important to always have records of all past network configurations. This makes it easy to revert previous configurations in case something goes wrong after an upgrade. The networking tools software keeps records of all previous configurations. You can use this data to establish a solid baseline for optimal performance.

Meet SLA Requirements

Meeting the Service Level Agreement (SLA) is important in network management. This is a benefit you get from the right networking tools. This comes as a byproduct due to the ability to achieve optimal asset utilization, availability as well as compliance.

There are many more benefits you stand to gain from networking tools. The important step is to make sure you invest in tools that appeal to your needs. Always take the time to compare before making the final choice. 

About Author:

Juliet Ford is a network administrator at Solar Winds. When she is not busy at work, she takes the time to learn more about networking and sharing tips on how to improve network administration. She is fond of networking tools with RightitNow software. You can find her on LinkedIn.