Experience the Wilderness at Tadoba Tiger Resort

Experience the Wilderness at Tadoba Tiger Resort

Appreciate the aesthetic beauty of wildlife and draw an unforgettable experience at Tadoba. Tadoba, located in Maharashtra, is one of the famous tiger safari destinations in the world.  You can also watch birds in the forest. The world at present has only 4000 tigers and India has about 2500 of them. Hence, it is a rare experience to witness the beauty of these mammoth beasts at Tadoba. This article speaks about the tiger and birds in the area.

Tiger Spots in Tadoba

  • Telia Dam:

    This is the place around which the great mature Telia Tigress loiters. She roams about in a relatively small territory of 20 square km. She is a renowned mother of a litter of 3 cubs and tends 4 female cubs. She also mated with Bagdo Male and gave birth to its babies.

  • Kolsa Range:

    This is the area where the most decorated Shivaji Tiger patrols. This tiger is a mammoth of a beast. His territory covers an area of about 50 sq km. It has been found tigers generally change their territory due to the shortage in their requirements. However, Shivaji defied all odds and has been able to hold on to this primitive habitat throughout his youth. The great qualities of the tigers are passed equally well to their offspring, who after getting matured are able to replicate their qualities into their child.

  • Bagdo Area:

    The tiger Bagdo Male frequently visits this place. This animal patrols a large area of 60 km. He is the watchful protector of his tiger family and is responsible for ensuring the safety and protection of his cubs. Hence, he contributes in securing the population of the tiger. You can visit http://tigersheavenresort.co.in/ to know how to reach the place and view the tiger’s spot. You can also check the accommodation facilities available.

  • Pandrapauni Area:

    A tragic incident took place in this area. The beautiful Pandra Pauni Tigress dies here due to gangrene. She parented four cubs and was also carrying cubs in her womb at the time of her death. She had been a frequent visitor at this place, which now sings her misery.

At present, the tiger count in the Tadoba is just more than seventy-five plus, out of which there are 20 males including the sub-adults, about 25 females and the rest are the cubs. You can conduct research and learn about the time of the year, which is best suited for your wildlife experience at Tadoba. Normally, April and May are the most appropriate months to sight tigers.

Birds in Tadoba

More than 280 species of birds can be found at this place. The abundance of water sources, provided by the River Andhari has been the primary reason. The variety of habitat provided by this place is also a big reason. It includes dense mixed forest, bamboos land, short grasslands and wetlands.  So we can be sure that this place would never run out of colors. One can also see the rarest of birds flying from one tree to another. The chirping of a variety of birds and their hues can make a deep mark in your aesthetic sense. Thus, this place is endearing to bird watchers. You can carry cameras to capture the beautiful scene presented by the avian population of the forest.

It is only by visiting this place that you can really come to know about the elegance of biodiversity residing at this tiger – bird fortress.

About Author – Melissa Jones, with experience of 10 years about wildlife in India is now associated with http://tigersheavenresort.co.in/. Her ideas have assisted several tourists to make suitable traveling decisions.