Optimize Your Instagram Profile for a Better Visibility

Optimize Your Instagram Profile for a Better Visibility

Since Instagram has been acquired by Facebook, the platform is growing significantly. It has gone a long way in the advertising or the marketing sector. But before you are inviting your customers, be ready with your profile so that they like them.

Convey The Right Message Of Your Brand Through Bio: 

Ensure that the bio is accurately created which is conveying the right message to your audience. As it is the first look of your profile, it plays the role of introducing your brand to the profile. It therefore, must be relevant to your brand and must speak to your target audience.

No Hash Tags in Bio: 

As the hash tags in the bio is not clickable, there is no use of placing hashtags in the bio section. Unlike Twitter, you cannot add a list of hashtags in the bio. If you really want to include any hashtag, do it in the right way. You can include the website you want to promote and can name the hashtag as the name of the website.

Attractive Content: 

Your content must be attractive and worth discovering. Instead of asking people to tag your pictures, you can ask for using hashtags relevant to your pictures. Other people will also look for those particular hashtags and can notice all the images associated with them.

Track The Impact: 

You can measure the impact of the link by placing the URL of your website in the designated section for displaying and promoting. For tracking the impact, you can use the Google URL builder. A form will appear in front of you when you open this particular tool. You are required to fill up the important fields for creating the link that can be tracked easily. Google will produce a long clickable link. If you do not want a public display of the long link, you can shorten up the link through Bitly. Just plug in the shortened link in the Instagram account and observe the increase in your Instagram followers.

Select The Profile Image Wisely:

Though you are using the company logo , you must be using the profile image. The selection of the profile image must be done carefully so that it is properly customized for Instagram. If the profile pictures are poorly sized in nature, it can easily take away the brand credibility. Many large companies use their logos as the profile pictures. It helps in keeping the brand consistency in a perfect manner.

Never Stick To A Single URL:

Try changing the links on a regular basis. Your audience will therefore, be sent to various landing pages with various products through the Instagram links. The news channels can update the news articles with new links and the e-commerce sites can display their new products by changing the links frequently.

Your Location Can Be The Call-To-Action:

When you are publishing a picture through Instagram, you can customize the location and use it for the Call-To-Action. Your target audience will surely take an action if the location appears near to them.

Never say the Word ‘Official’:

You should not mention your account as the ‘official’ one. Instagram already has a feature with the verified badge which proves that your account is official. You are not required to spell it out to the public and waste the important space in the bio section.

Especially with the B2C companies, the marketing in Instagram is growing very rapidly. As a marketer, your main aim must be to bridge the gap between marketing, ROI and the social media. If you want to become a successful marketer in Instagram, the above-mentioned tips will surely help you.

About Author:  Derek Bradman is a social media professional and a passionate blogger. In this article, he is providing some expert tips for optimizing your Instagram profile for increasing the number of Instagram followers.