Top Reasons Why a Firm Mattress May Be Your Best Option

Top Reasons Why a Firm Mattress May Be Your Best Option

Choosing a mattress can really be a tough job because of the multitude of factors that you need to take into consideration. You also need to deal with a lot of fads that keep on cropping up from time to time. However, in recent times, the focus has been on choosing mattresses that are comfortable enough to delivera night of sound, refreshing, and restorative sleep while keeping the body’s alignment perfect so that health problems do not become an issue. More and more Americans are opting for mattresses that are firmer and offer the necessary support for a comfortable sleep. You can now choose from a host of mattress models that offer both comfort and firmness; latex, innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid are some popular choices. There a quite a few reasons why sleeping on a firm mattress is recommended:

  1. Firm Mattresses Offer Greater Comfort

    Most of the health problems such as lower back pain and pain in the neck and shoulder areas are due to lack of proper support by the mattress. Typically, these problems are exacerbated due to the mattress being too soft allowing the body to sink into it too much and putting it out of alignment. When the spine is not properly aligned in the sleep posture, it is quite likely that you would wake up the next day with a lot of stiffness and even with excruciating lower back pain that however, disappears during the course of the day. When this happens night after night, you can expect a lot of fatigue due to lack of sleep and proper rest.

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  2. Deeper and More Restorative Rest

    When you are sleeping on a mattress that is either soft by design or lost its ability to deliver proper support due to aging, your body will sink into the surface. As a result, when you are sleeping, your body will constantly be trying to compensate for the lack of support and you will be frequently tossing and turning throughout the night in an effort to find a position that is comfortable. Consequently, the sleep that you get is highly disturbed and you wake up the next morning feeling tired.


Contrary to what you may have been lead to believe, mattresses that are too firm are also not good for a great sleeping experience. A certain degree of softness in the mattress is required to accommodate your body’s natural curves to be properly supported and the body to rest in the optimum position. Having too firm a mattress will lead to the creation of pressure points that can make sleeping very uncomfortable, and lead to multiple health issues. The ideal degree of firmness should have the bones taking most of the pressure thus allowing the muscles, ligaments, and the circulatory system to relax and recover.

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