How to Deal With Hesitation in Speaking English

How to Deal With Hesitation in Speaking English

Do you feel hesitant while speaking in English? Well, most of us do, if it is not the first language that we often speak. To get out of the hesitation, we must regularly make use of English while conversing, but it is the obvious solution to the problem that I take on one side of the coin. The other end needs a detailed analysis of the causes of the hesitation that hampers our ability to communicate in English fluently.

Causes of Hesitation While Speaking the Language

  • Making use of wrong grammar while speaking is one of the obvious reasons that make us conscious. If the mind is cognizant of the accuracy, it makes a person skeptical about his ability to communicate.

  • Going to the next, if a person does not have enough knowledge on the subject of discussion, it is apparent to get hesitant and run out of thoughts. Hence, the nervousness can be observed in the expressions of a person.

  • There are a lot of people out there who can write flawlessly in English, but when it comes to English speaking skills, they are not that good. It can be due to the fear of conversation with other people who are excellent with their communication skills, or it may be due to the lack of confidence.

  • The fear of appearing a fool in front of other people is a major reason for the hesitation.

Speaking a language fluently without hesitation needs a lot of practice and confidence too. Though the results are never that quick, you will start observing the difference within a span of a month or two. Nevertheless, mastering the skill will take a year or two.

Ways to Eliminate Hesitation

  • Read as many books as you can to understand sentence fragment. It also enhances vocabulary to a great extent.

  • Communicate in English as much as you can. The best way is to target your audience who will help you build your skills.

  • You may enroll in English speaking courses. If you do not have time to go to an institute, you may enroll in an online course that will prove to be equally beneficial. is one of those online platforms dedicated to offering their service to the people who are looking for options to enhance their English speaking abilities.

  • If you are a perfectionist and give too much weight to grammar, then getting out of the hesitation can be challenging. Start overlooking grammar errors and things will automatically start to work for you.

  • If you feel that people will laugh at you because of your inability to communicate in English freely, you are in trouble then. Don’t even care about what people will think of you, just focus on your goal. After all, to gain something, you will have to make many compromises in life.

  • Always remember that practice is the key to improvisation. Look for friends who are good at it and ask them to point out your mistakes so that you can learn from them rather than being shy.

To summarize, come out of the shell to give a damn to your hesitation, and things will start to improve.