The Best Mattress Type for Side Sleepers

The Best Mattress Type for Side Sleepers

Side sleepers need to realize that the kind of mattress they choose would actually impact their quality of sleep at night. If you are sleeping on the wrong mattress, you would not get a sound sleep at night and you may wake up with severe muscle pain. Under the circumstances, the best mattress for side sleepers is one that maintains natural alignment, accommodates the normal body curves, and one that is truly sensitive to all the pressure points.

If these crucial factors are not given proper importance, you may end up in pain and discomfort. There are certainly some mattresses that are totally wrong for people who are in the habit of side sleeping. So, better avoid such mattresses if you prefer this position. When you sleep sideways your spine would be resting in its normal position, it becomes critical to identify a mattress that is able to effectively contour to your body’s natural curves. Side sleepers should opt for softer mattresses though firm mattresses that have a pillow top could also be an option for them.

Ideal Mattress for Side Sleepers


Many experts feel that the ideal mattress for acknowledged side sleepers is memory foam and latex mattresses. When you sleep sideways, your entire body weight is exerted on your shoulders and hips that would actually make any innerspring to go on distorting the spine’s natural curve and result in additional pressure points that require being effectively addressed. As such, side sleepers must choose a bed that is relatively softer and designed precisely for relieving pressure points. You must understand that a more cushioned mattress would naturally be curving as per the shape of your body. However, mattresses should provide ample support and so foam-type mattress could be a wonderful choice for side sleepers. Browse mattress reviews by Ross for expert opinion.


A latex mattress is often the best choice as it is known to support body’s natural curve when sleepers are lying down on it. Your mattress should be designed in such a manner that it would be cradling each and every point of your body that touches the mattress while distributing pressure and weight evenly all throughout the surface. Your mattress must be designed for providing additional support to your hips and shoulders as they are strained immensely in this particular position.

For side sleepers, the best possible mattress would be a medium soft mattress with a foam density support that is minimum 4”. This kind of structure would be providing the best support to your pressure points and would be cradling the natural body curves of side sleepers. This is supposed to be the ideal mattress as it offers the perfect mix of structure and support with cushion and softness.


Mattresses that are ideal for side sleepers must address two important factors such as cushion and support. The cushion factor is crucial as the pressure points are pretty vulnerable in this position and they need to be protected. However, support must be given top priority to safeguard your hips and shoulders. Your mattress should be firm enough to hold your body uniformly throughout and rule out hip or shoulder pain.

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