Starting Small: Getting Link Building Right

Starting Small: Getting Link Building Right

Smart link building recognizes the need for the basics, while maintaining the importance of more advanced techniques. This article will highlight some of the simpler basic steps, before going on to the more advanced link building techniques.

Simple tips to build links include:

  1. Requesting:

    This is especially useful for beginners. Think of friends, relatives, acquaintances, colleagues or partners that are in the same or related lines of business and ask for links. Beggars should not be choosers, but if possible ask for links within the content and not on the sidebar.

  2. Relationships:

    Without the luxury of someone to ask for links, there could be a need for the long game. Build relationships, both online and offline, starting with niche related communities like social groups, blogs or forums. Be proactive and contribute with comments and posts which provide value. Participation in such communities not only has the advantage of fetching backlinks but also rewards the webmaster or blogger with relevant up to date industry news.

  3. Testimonials:

    These are win-win situations if done correctly. The testimonial is an opportunity for the user to give their opinion about the goods or services from the host website or blog. On the other hand, it is a chance for the person giving the testimonial to attract backlinks to their site.

  4. Blog:

    Start a blog and keep it alive. Regular blog posts that focus on the industry topics and the needs of the customer will always have visitors coming back. Also, look for sites that will publish articles on their blogs or websites. These posts should be;

    • Relevant to one’s topic
    • Should not be sales or direct marketing
    • Should be of high quality


Advanced techniques

Almost everyone has these basic techniques covered, so to keep ahead of the competition, there will have to be some cleverness. Here are some advanced techniques that can put the webmaster ahead of the competition;

  1. Analyzing competitors:

    Competitor analysis has become an important aspect of link building, with every tool designed to have features that can scan and deliver links related to the competitor. If several competitors have links that are not in one’s profile, then perhaps it is time to upgrade and add them. Likewise, knowing whom competitors are linking to gives the user a chance to get indirect links.

  2. Recovery:

    Mistakes happen, and another webmaster might misspell the link address or a page location can change. When one finds broken links, one of the techniques of improving one’s link profile is through recovery. Broken link issues are common for sites that are re-launched or migrated to a different domain. Just like the competitor analysis tools, there are effective tools for analyzing and finding broken links and fixing them.

  3. Mentions:

    Sometimes, related websites and blogs write about the services one offers, but do not link to their sites. There are tools that are able to capture such mentions. Ask them to convert those mentions into links, which then improve the profile of one’s site.

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