Common Issues Many Small Businesses Aren’t Prepared to Deal With

Common Issues Many Small Businesses Aren't Prepared to Deal With

As a small business owner, you will find that the most of the problems you encounter will be among the most common issues facing small businesses everywhere. Knowing you are not the alone doesn’t really help much but it can serve to point you in the right direction to find the resources you need to correct those problems. Here is some advice offered by Per Wickstrom, CEO and founder of A Forever Recovery substance abuse rehab facility.


Of course, funding is going to come in at the top of the list of common problems small businesses face. Large corporations typically have enough equity in their holdings to secure the loans they need but small businesses and startups seem to always have a hard time of it finding the money they need to keep cash flow going while building a sufficient customer base to carry them through rough patches. Here, a good commercial financial advisor would be the person to seek out. They can guide you in the right direction to find the funding and grants you need to solve your current issues.

Staff Recruitment

Finding the top talent is often difficult for small businesses because they simply don’t have the resources larger corporations have. Have you considered a marketing firm? Many of today’s marketers are also in the business of marketing for talent as well as for customers. Check out some online marketing firms as well as local agencies who have experience marketing and filtering the job applicants they acquire.

Employee Integrity

Employee integrity is often on the list of common issues small businesses face. Per Wickstrom believes that this is often the result of employees who are suffering from addiction. It is common knowledge that some addicts will beg, borrow and steal to get their drug of choice and this is a common problem within the workplace.

Marketing and Customer Acquisition

As mentioned above, a good marketing team can help you build a solid customer base. Sometimes this is through direct marketing strategies and other times much of the marketing they do will be online. In any event, if you are struggling to build a bigger market share, hiring a professional marketing firm would be in your best interest.

Customer Loyalty

As for customer loyalty, that very same marketing firm that helped you acquire a bigger, broader market share can also help you devise a customer loyalty strategy. It isn’t enough to attract new customers. In order to grow your business over time, it is vital that you build a strong following of loyal customers.

Per Wickstrom advises that you take the time to research what other small businesses in your market area or within your industry are doing to overcome these issues. You can always check the Small Business Administration for information and resources, but unless you understand what you are facing you can’t correct anything at all. Knowledge gives you power so inform yourself and you will be well armed to battle any issues that come your way.

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