Rebranding SEO Concerns to Keep in Mind

Rebranding SEO Concerns to Keep in Mind

It could be a pretty challenging task to launch a rebranding campaign successfully particularly, if you consider the potential risk involved, as far as, your SEO rankings are concerned. Moreover, once you have built your SEO, you would not wish to give it all up simply because you have taken a decision to change the name of your company.

Fortunately, rebranding does not necessarily mean a drop in SEO rankings. One thing is for certain that lower SEO ranking is not essentially a by-product of the process of rebranding. Rebranding involves a lot of hard work and concerted efforts. You must work towards the smooth and effective transition by taking the necessary steps. If you are careful and dedicated your SEO rankings would not drop drastically as soon as you introduce your new brand. Here are a few ways to ensure a smooth rebranding without too many jolts to your SEO rankings.

Original Domain Name Should Be Kept If Possible

It is a good idea to keep the original domain name as this is certainly the best way of initiating rebranding. It is effective in making the process pretty simple and it imposes the least risk of damaging the current SEO rankings. However, in reality, it may not always be practical or possible to keep the same domain name. More often than not rebranding necessitates a change in the company name for giving a complete makeover and perhaps a fresh lease of life. In such a case, you must remember that changing the domain name could put you at a risk of losing quite a lot of traffic. A good SEO company Mumbai will help you with this.

Keep Your Current Content If Possible

It is a good idea to preserve your original content as much as you can even though you have opted for a complete overhaul of your website and business name. However, if you think it is necessary to generate new content, make an effort to replicate closely the previous content. This is essential for keeping your authority and authorship intact and in turn prevents any damage to your SEO rankings. Do not ignore the petty things such as your headers and fonts, maintain all these minute details and see the difference it makes to your SEO.

Do Not Take Down the Old Site Immediately

It is a good idea to maintain your previous site for at least, sometime after rebranding. However, experts differ on this. Some experts feel that you could maintain your previous site forever while others believe that it could be left just for a few more days after rebranding has been achieved. You need to make the best decision depending on what would be working best for your precise company.

If you decide to leave the site as it is on a permanent basis, it could involve more time and commitment on your part. It is a wise move to revisit your old site from time to time to ensure that it is posing no problems. Experts, however, agree on one point, though. You should not take down your previous site instantaneously once the new site has been launched. It would be taking the servers a number of days to actually recognize your new IP address. This implies that deletion of your previous site after only 24 hours could mean ruining your hard work. It is certainly not going to hurt anyone if you let it be for a week or so. It is better to be safe. Do not delete the previous site too quickly.

Keep the Same URL Structure

Retaining exactly the same URL structure would make your redirects a lot easier and simple. You simply require redirecting your web pages from the previous site to exactly the very same pages on your current site. You simply need to create just some lines of code to tackle the situation.


Do not forget to update each and every social media profile of yours. Besides updating all your social platforms, you must concentrate on spreading the news through press releases, guest posts, email announcements and all other kinds of online promotion and advertising. You need to find out whether your marketing strategy is working fine. Keep monitoring the traffic and keep track of the rankings. If you keep all these SEO considerations in mind, you are sure to find the very idea of rebranding far less challenging.

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