Interesting Facts About the Noted Philanthropist and Entrepreneur Carl Freer

Interesting Facts About the Noted Philanthropist and Entrepreneur Carl Freer

Carl Freer

Carl Johan Freer was born in Sweden on May 9th 1970. Freer was a co-founder of the company Tiger Telematics, an American electronics company that manufactured the handheld game console Gizmondo, which launched in 2002, reaching a market cap of over two billion dollars before the company dissolved in 2006. Apart from being a global entrepreneur, Carl Freer is also known for his philanthropic work with charities and various projects he has undertaken. Listed below are a few projects Mr. Freer has been involved with:


A brainchild of entrepreneur Carl Freer, the company was found in 2010 and helps persons with varying degrees of burns get pain relief and effective treatment in a matter of seconds. As an inventor and founder of the company, Carl led the development of a revolutionary treatment for first- and second-degree burns and secured international patents and trademarks for the products. The bandages uses state of the art patented technology that cools a wound in seconds. They are offered in a range of burn dressings with an improved surface coverage so that each burn dressing targets key problem areas such as skin surface areas, digits on hands and others. “I am pleased to be behind this revolutionary project that can help change the way burn wounds are dressed forever” explained Aluminaid Founder, Carl Freer. “Using outdated methods of dressing burns can cause more suffering to the victim, and can delay the healing process. But with our patented technology, fast, effective relief can be experienced, with the heat being directed away from the wound while cold air is directed in. – Carl Freer at Press Conference in Singapore

Freer Family Tree Foundation

Originally created in the name of Carl Freer’s father, John Freer, the Freer Family Tree Foundation is one that may very well be taken to new heights as the year progresses. The Freer Family Tree Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the lives of unprivileged children, through their childhood and adolescence. The foundation, started by famous entrepreneur and philanthropist Carl Freer, utilizes crowdsourcing to raise funds for an array of ventures that are all near and dear to Freer’s heart. The Freer Family Tree Foundation allows prospective donors to browse through a list of various causes, and choose to donate to one and or multiple causes. It is founder Carl Freer’s hope that those looking around the site and wanting to donate to a cause will feel compelled to choose the one that most resonates with his or her personal experiences or goals or simply because it is a cause for greater the good of young underprivileged kids all over the world.

Carl Freer has made it clear that his vision for the foundation is to “offer a fair opportunity for every child in the world to live according to his or her highest potential.” This is why the projects that Freer endorses worldwide are centralized around children, especially those in underdeveloped areas. For example, one of the major projects of the Freer Family Tree Foundation, which can be found on the website, is an orphanage in Cambodia which so far has gathered $7000.00 towards the cause. This project aims to build schools, a medical center, and more, which will certainly afford the children the opportunity to live up to their highest potential; the mission of Freer’s foundation entirely. The foundation shares similarities between the world renowned social cause platform in that they both use crowdsourcing to pull revenue into their causes.

What Is Crowd Funding?

As mentioned earlier in our reading, Crowd Sourcing is defined as “the process of getting work or funding, usually online, from a crowd of people.” A clear combination of the words ‘crowd’ and ‘outsourcing’, crowdsourcing aims to take the work of raising funds, and outsource that work to a large group of funders, thus making the sum needed more easily attainable, compared to if just one person were to contribute to the cause. The site is also adding a new feature. A shop where one would probably be able to purchase items and the proceedings would go to any of the seven campaigns already ongoing on the website.

Carl Freer Cares

These are only two of the philanthropic actions taken and invested in by Mr. Carl Freer and already he has impacted many on a global scale. Not only does it show that he certainly does not lack in innovation but also shows the compassion and care that he has for persons most in need of love, care, and medical attention. He has continued to be beacon of hope and has shown his benevolent giving through the various social causes that he supports. He dedicates his time and experience for the betterment of the lives of orphans all around the world and he focuses on helping his charity advance into a mainstream charity that’s focused on crowdfunding. Carl is also a contributor to the zoological society Nordens Ark, (a foundation that works to ensure the longevity of endangered species through conservation rearing and training) for many years, which shows that he cares for every single species, human and animal alike on the Earth.

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