Preference is Driven by “Health”

Preference is Driven by “Health”

When it comes down to the consumption of fast food, one often wonders “what are the factors which determine the very option a consumer might choose”. In order to gauge this very action and a similar reaction, the company AYTM, a research company, carried out a survey. The findings of this survey conclude that health is the most pivotal factor in determining the attitude of its consumers. It is the first and most vital factor especially amongst fast-food chains even though many would believe this is the last resort of option that people would resort to; no, it’s the first and foremost even though behavior might suggest otherwise.

For this very survey, 8 fast food restaurants were tapped into, namely being; McDonalds, Subway, Taco Bell, Burger King, KFC, Chick-fil-A and Arby’s. This survey provided customer profiles which were selected by various respondents of these fast food chains. From analyzing the responses of the survey, Subway is found to be the most commonly thought fast food chain which provides healthy food and that too at a quick turnaround. Whereas McDonalds showed a greater number of weekly visits, Burger King was termed as a favourite by only 8% of those who were surveyed. KFC lagged behind with a 6% followed by Arby’s at a given 4% which had the fourth highest weekly visits on the frequency level. To conclude, the three top chains which were given the highlight of being a favourite amongst consumers include Subway at 19%, McDonald’s at 16% followed by Chick-fil-A at a 12%.

The promotional material used for advertising also has an effect on the healthy food option which is manifested in ads; as analyzed in coherence with the findings of the survey. Two other distinct features which affect consumer’s ability to think rationally upon consuming fast-food include freshness and service quality. These two drivers are imperative to live up to customer experiences and formulate the very essence of a want for that very product. The end question which still lingers on is that when consumer behavior is not reaching up to the health aspect, what essentially is the driving force which leads to the purchase stage of the buying process according to consumers?

The McDonalds customer satisfaction survey, including top food chains such as Burger King, Taco Bell alongside a few other MNC’s in the food industry, show that index better/frequency of visits x VS consumer favourites lead to the result which shows that price and convenience are the top two attributes which make it to the top of the scoreboard which have been found common in all 3 chains stated above.  When mentioning Subway, they have indeed scored well when it comes to the healthiness of food but shows a lower frequency of visits compared to the rest even though they have more outlets in scattered locations in terms of the attribute of convenience and availability.

The survey found that for McDonalds, Burger King, and Taco Bell, the three chains that index better over frequency of visits versus consumer favourites; price and convenience were two highly scored attributes common to all three. However, Subway only scored well on food healthiness and had a lower frequency of visits despite having more locations than any other quick-service chain. Whereas Wendy’s and Chick-fil-A scored well on food quality and cleanliness; suggesting that although the healthiness and clean-living can drive preference conceptually, convenience, and, more importantly, cost are more likely to drive actual purchase. The type of “everyday” people who optioned subway to the top of the scoreboard seem to be health minded, cultured and easy going consumers who like to take interest in publications regarding health & fitness, the business world and wellness on a macro level.

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