7 Stunning Paint Colors Sure To Sell Your Home

7 Stunning Paint Colors Sure To Sell Your Home

Moving into the dream home you drew up blueprints for? Getting ready to travel around the world, or go live in a monastery? Whatever the case is, you are in the market to sell your home. In this buyer’s market, potential home buyers are in a position to be more demanding. Making an impact upon first impression is vital, as they have diverse options. Many articles have proposed actions that will help your home to sell. These well-established steps can be quite an undertaking; however, they are sure to charm prospective home buyers and sell your home.

    • Clutter Removal:

      • Remove items from flat surfaces like countertops and tables.
      • Pack excess odds-and-ends. They divert the prospective buyer’s attention.


    • Neighborhood Home Comparison:

      • Work closely with your agent.
      • Evaluate neighborhood sale homes.
      • Know the following:
        • Price
        • Type of sale
        • Condition


  • Personal Space Neutralization:

    • Remove personal items, so that prospective buyers can visualize your home as theirs.


  • Real-time Market-based Pricing:

    • Keep up with this ever-shifting market real-time.
    • Base your pricing on it.


  • Comprehensive Staging:

      • Give your landscape a makeover with new shrubs and flowers.
      • Update your exterior lighting. It yields esthetic appeal, creates ambiance, and promotes safety.
      • Repaint your home’s exterior, reviving it, giving it a fresh, new look. Prospective buyers, as they arrive at your home for the first time, will be captivated by what they see. Choose one of these 7 engaging colors that will stun prospective buyers and sell your home:


        1. White: This is timeless white, the not-too-bright white of houses for many years now. You know, the ones with black trim that you would see in old television shows. White is clean, with a nostalgic feel.
        2. Pewter: This is a very popular color this year, and it goes great with doors and shutters in colors like navy blue and dark red, which are dark, but still brightly-colored. Pewter does need a white of some kind to highlight the trim. Old-fashioned and all-American, this is a gorgeous color scheme.
        3. Taupe: This color is popular again this year. It’s neutrality lets your landscape shine. With a dark brown door and any creamy neutral trim color, taupe will transform your house into a home that your potential buyer feels at home in.
        4. Yellow: This yellow is a dandelion or canary yellow, which goes beautifully with blood red doors and shutters and white trim. Yellow is a real eye-catcher. These bright colors welcome buyers.
        5. Red: This color is a little lighter than a current red, a sort of natural tone. A medium blue or medium green door with white or gray trim and shutters works well. Red is a bold, sassy look.
        6. Green: This is soft-green, not pastel, just soft, and a little lighter than medium green. It looks great accented with berry blue trim and some type of light accents. Green is a cozy look, a color with a relaxing effect.
        7. Blue: This is a beautiful sky blue, another bright, happy color that lifts your spirits. It goes well with creamy white shutters and green-tinted beige trim. Blue is a vivid color with a sense of variance.


When choosing the right color for the exterior of your home, make sure that the color you choose – pairs well with the other homes in your neighborhood, and stands out but not like a sore thumb. If you are lacking the creative skills, it would behoove you to consider hiring professionals to help you on your endeavor – a great real estate agent will provide a list of recommended vendors.

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Jodi Bakst – regularly blogs about real estate and local interest topics important to buyers & sellers.

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